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News: Gundam Extreme Versus Screenshots

Posted on : 29-04-2010 | By : | In : News

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Over at Famitsu they’ve released a bunch of very shiny in-game screenshots for the upcoming Gundam Extreme Versus. This is the first game in the series to use the System 357 board, effectively a PlayStation 3 in a box – so the texture detail and geometrical complexity are obviously going to be a pretty big step up from the older games.

The coverage shows three mobile suits specifically, each of which are new to the series; the EMS-10 Zudah, the MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame and the XM-X1 (F97) Crossbone Gundam X-1 (pictured above). In terms of the latter, Crossbone Gundam is getting a fair bit of a resurgence as of late with the mecha also being featured in the upcoming PlayStayion 3 exclusive Another Century’s Episode R.

No word on an exact release date for Gundam Extreme Versus as yet but it’s still slated for an Autumn release. However, the Famitsu article does also state that the game will be using a new card system as well as boast HD 16:9 displays for each of the cabinets. Due to the host hardware, it’s fairly safe to assume that a PlayStation 3 port will swiftly follow.

Update: There will be a loc test for the game next weekend (May 7th to 9th) at the Nakano Broadway Plabo and Tokyo Gulliver Matsudo.


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You assume wrong imo, from what I hear its sounds like Bandai are charinging an arm and a leg for these cabs, and its no surprise given that the game is one of the most popular in japan, they can demand their price.

I doubt Arcade owners would buy cabs knowing that a port would be soon on the way, I also doubt Bandai would do that either, I dont see a port happening till either after 6months of its release or whenever a newer updated arcade version is just about to drop.

Obviously, a port won’t be day and date with the arcade release but the above post doesn’t suggest that either. Next Plus followed the arcade release of Next by about 9 months, which in game dev terms is pretty damn quick.

The point I was making, and one that’s been already intimated by Bandai, is that a PlayStation 3 port is a given and will be pretty quick to hit the market.

I will be quite interested to see what mechs they are dropping from the game compared to Next Plus, since having too many mechs makes it difficult to balance gameplay, and the game is being developed as a multiplayer arcade game. As for the time frame of a port, we should at least hear an official announcement of one by the end of the year, I would assume, unless they release it this year. Looking forward to Bandai finally really embracing the PS3, it seems.

Import gaming is an interesting market. I’m not sure of how much of a profit bump it provides the companies, but release on PS3 makes it easier for other countries that won’t get an official release to buy the game, and its easier for the company, since there is not licensing fees or translation process. I’m pretty sure they don’t really care about import gamers in the least, but hey, free money. They have to like that.

Then again, if it is coming to PS3, who knows. Maybe a decent Gundam game will be released in the US again when this comes out.

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