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Videos: Armored Core V Interview

Posted on : 03-02-2011 | By : | In : Videos

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Gamespot has managed to land a very interesting interview with the father of Armored Core and producer of Armored Core V, Toshifumi Nabeshima. In addition, there are a slew of new screenshots available too alongside the interview. The full interview is shown below and it’s even dubbed in English. Enjoy!


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This game just keeps sounding better and better. At first I wasn’t too keen on the aspect of it being mainly a team based affair as I don’t usually play co-op games with people I dont know (and out of my entire group of friends only 1 likes the AC series); but its starting to sound really well planned out. I’m glad that you can still go at it solo if you want, but the concept behind the team play is making it sound so much more appealing 🙂

I wonder how they will deal with the cash payment at the end of the missions? With it being team based I wonder if they will be giving the whole team a reward and then deducting total ammo and repair costs or will it be done on a player by player basis? Maybe they’ll be giving us an ammo/damage/etc allowance again to compensate for different skill levels among team members?

Im like you accpet I have no friends into mech games, never mind just AC, I also very much hate playing online games with random people, so by the sounds of it this game is all online, Im wondering how the one player will be different, I cant imagine in one player you will have to win territory by yourself, perhaps normal AC missions? I dunno, I heard this game dont even comeout till 2012, he doesnt really say in this vid, but I’d hope to be playing Gundam vs by then, although this game here might make up for me not being able to ever play Border Break, since that game will never come to consoles or PC.

Yeah it’s nice to think this is a team based mecha game that will actually make it to the states and Europe.
As for having no mecha gaming friends to play with online, obviously it’s time for team Mecha Damashii to roll deep online 😀

Totally, a Mecha Damashii clan would be sweet!

I wonder if the teams will be fighting on their own or under the flag of a nation like in Chromehounds?

I’ve got a feeling teams will be fighting alone. I think it fits with the mercenary background to the series.

But what happens to the teams that don’t log on and play everyday?Are they going to wake up one morning and find that they are nothing more than a single dot on the map and are surrounded on all sides?I can see this system working out if the teams had to fight “together” for different countries, factions,etc like in Chromehounds but if it’s every team for it’s self I can see some problems arising.

Personally I can’t wait for this.. I’ve been dying for AC to make the team shift forever. Formula front had me hopeful they would make the move but that went nowhere. Sega coming out with Border Break was just the kick in the pants From needed to see that team play mech games do work and people do enjoy them. Chrome Hounds was an awesome game and now it makes sense alil with the server pull that they did not that long ago. While I love being at the AC controls the lack of melee I’m seeing makes me curious about my other favorite thing in games strategy. Being able to observe and set up defenses for when my team isn’t online sounds ideal for me. Hopefully though I can make a lightweight fast melee core even though they look bulky.

If they have giant,flaming,anti-mech, chainsaws I’m sure that laser blades will be returning.

In Europe online community will be death in two months after release 🙁

Where’s my diabolic chainsaw?

And does anyone know if there still the color and emblem costumization? because I always see the same color, and emblems are just numbers :S

Come on CEAP, why would they let you modify your garage but not your emblem?

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I can’t remember any pre-release screenshots of any AC game where the ACs had their emblems displayed, unless it was an actual game character.

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