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Toys: Riobot Jehuty

Posted on : 25-01-2014 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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Following on from our previous Revoltech reviews, our good friends at HobbyLink Japan have sent us the Riobot Jehuty. Now, whilst we aren’t huge fans of the Zone of the Enders series, we’ve always admired the mecha designs that Yoji Shinkawa did for the game. So we’re obviously happy to see more toys made of his work. We’ve also included some game footage at the end of the review.

As we’ve reviewed pretty much all the Zone of the Enders Revoltechs, it seemed only fair to cover Sentinel’s newest addition. Like the later Revoltech toys, this version of Jehuty is very much from Anubis, as both the colouring and accessories support that (as does the box design, as it has the same orange compressed space motif on the back).

That aside, this is as you’d expect pretty much the nicest Jehuty figure to date. As designed by Chemical Attack, the figure is much like the other Riobot toys; in the same vein as the Robot Damashii line but with far more intricate articulation, more gimmicks as well as an amazing paint job and sculpt.

Like the Revoltech toys, this version of Jehuty comes with a stand but is also much larger as a figure. It can also stand on its own, as there are retractable “feet”. The accessories are also on a par with the later Revoltech toys, with homing missiles, lock-on ring and other items. This can also be setup as the Version 2 design, which is pretty nice.

Toy: Riobot Jehuty
Price: 11,571 yen
Size/Weight: 30.0 x 28.0 x 13.0 cm / 760g












The first thing to talk about is the really nice articulation. The whole figure is bristling with clever little details such as the neck piston that allows the head to peer upward (for the transformation), as well as the knee joints that are multi-layeyed (with internal detail to boot). After that then you have some of the nicest sculpt and paintwork seen on a Jehuty figure yet. There are also several translucent parts, such as on the face and shoulders, that really add to the finish too. Sadly, there is no glow in the dark paint or lights for the metatron lines across the body. This is somewhat of a missed opportunity considering the lengths Sentinel went to with the rest of the figure.

Internally, there is some diecast tucked away but the figure is mostly plastic. It definitely feels quite high-end overall though and if you’re a fan of the games and the designs in them then this toy is pretty damn amazing. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the mecha from the Zone of the Enders games is given the Riobot treatment.

Overall then this is a really nice toy of Jehuty. Regardless of your interest in the series or designs, Sentinel are continuing to make some truly fantastic mecha toys. Even if you have all the Revoltech toys from the Zone of the Enders games this is still definitely worth picking up.

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I’d post the HD collection opening. That sunrise animation, man.

Yeah, pity the HD collection is fucking terrible though.

ZOE 2 HD is on the level of the PS2 version after the patch. Didn’t actually go far in ZOE 1 by virtue of barebones gameplay and abysmal port.

I think they cancelled ZOE 3 after ZOE HD’s sales numbers which they absolutely beyond any doubt brought on themselves.

Even after the patch, Anubis HD still runs worse than the PS2 SE (especially on the input framerate).

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