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News: Zone of the Enders HD Editions

Posted on : 03-06-2011 | By : | In : News

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Along with a slew of Metal Gear Solid Games, Konami have announced that they will also be bring both PlayStation 2 Zone of the Enders games into the bright light of day that is HD. Slated for a “2012” release, both games will be available on the PS3 and 360, either boxed or via digital download. In addition, the two player functionality from the games will also be available. Whether this will be online multiplayer remains to be seen but if so it would fix the fundamental nonsense the original games suffered from, as players wouldn’t need to fight over the camera. Whilst we aren’t fans of the games, in a functional sense at least, it will be interesting to see how they perform with this new HD lick of paint. No doubt Konami are testing the waters to see if the franchise is still financially viable.


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Am I really the only one of the MD staff that actually liked these games? Yeah they had their problems, but I just loved them.

Aw, well.

When I heard about these MGS and ZOE collections I was giddy as a school girl.

If they release SMT3 in HD. I’ll be giddy.
These MGS/ZOE re-releases aren’t doing it for me.

I don’t think anyone here hates ZoE, it’s more of a matter of us wanting the game to be better than it was. They have an interesting setup, and a few problems prevent the game from realizing its full potential. Hideo Kojima making a mecha game should be better than what we’ve gotten from the first two ZoEs.

I’d be frothing at the mouth for a third ZoE, especially because a lot could be done with the universe they developed in the first two games and the Game Boy Advance side story. And if you liked or loved the Zone of the Enders games, I won’t tell anyone they’re wrong for liking it–they did a lot of things right, and if it’s your kind of game, more power to you! It’s just that it has these few little wrinkles that prevent it from being the game I feel it should be, and even if the games are generally well-regarded we still want to foster a discussion. My personal evaluation of Cacophanus is that he doesn’t feel a need to rate popular games on a scale of 8 to 10 while proving he can be critical on “safe” games, which other Internet reviewers–who, in their defense, are often under pressure from editors and advertisers–so he’s going to call it like he sees it, and if people don’t agree with him, then that’s an opportunity for an interesting discussion.

Cacophanus also doesn’t play games like you and I, as humans, might–he draws games into his massive jaws, masticates them until they’re broken down into their individual ingredients, and then a stomach of fire and hydrochloric acid boils the game down to an essential soup. What people will miss on a single playthrough is permanently burned into his retinas.

Konami haven’t said quite how much they’ll be changing the game–the way they were talking about the new Fox Engine made it sound like they might be changing some things around in the HD updates–but “Jehuty in 1080p” is still going to be glorious even if they don’t work on some of the control mechanics.

“Hideo Kojima making a mecha game should be better than what we’ve gotten from the first two ZoEs”.

It wasn’t like he had any experience in the genre before hand.

WOOT! I will be getting box these day 1 for my 360.

They should combine both into one with some cross-story unlockables. They’re both pretty short affairs individually.

I am SO down to buy this (and MGS HD collection, of course). I loved ZOE back in the day and still play The 2nd Runner all the time.

Movement in ZoE always felt jerky due to constant need to dash,I wonder if they’ll change that this time around.

Love the second one!

I’ll be glad to pick up at least 2nd Runner in HD. The games may have had some issues, but they were still fun, well-told stories.

I am very excited! The games had their issues… but the story and universe was fantastic. Not to mention that I really love the mechanical designs! I’d love to see them with an HD coat of paint.

Well I’ll be happy even without any alterations so I give my copies of both to a friend who got me into the series.

But I also would really like a HD rendition or sequel of Omega Boost (The NTSC version with the good gatling cannon not the semi auto one from the PAL version)

And the original soundtrack, or a new one. Omega Boost deserves far better than Static-X.

I’m wondering if the rest of the world will get the extra content that was included in the version of ZOE 2 we got in Europe. To be honest it feels like it would be stupid not to give it to anyone this time around.

…then again they could go the Sega route and include the US version in the PAL release like they did with Sonic CD on the Sonic Gems Collection.

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