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News: Wonder Festival 2014 Winter

Posted on : 09-02-2014 | By : | In : News


2014-02-09 13.31.40

We managed to make it to the recent Wonder Festival today, despite the large and decidedly rare snowfall the night before. As this was the first “WonFes” we’ve been to, we took lots of pictures. The highlight was seeing the MegaDrive Megatron, as designed by our good friend Junji Okubo (who also did all the logos for this very site). The photos below are a mix of soon to be released items as well as the fan made stuff. The latter was amazing to behold, as the sheer passion and craftsmanship on show was impressive. Anyway, enjoy the photos we had a great time taking them.


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Finally, Hanged Man and Giga Cannon.

Some company should really pick up that Dahak figure. It looks so awesome! D-arts Dahak instead of Mario!!!

It was a garage kit, not a figure.

Yeah I know, thats why I want a company to pick it up and release it as a figure or model kit. Is the garage kit unpainted as well?

Also those ACs, the tank and stuff are they garage kits or Koto kits?

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