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News: Val Force Packs A Two For One Punch, Mecha And Girls

Posted on : 09-03-2010 | By : | In : News, Videos



What do you get when you combine Sega’s Virtual On and generic anime babes? Why, you get Val Force of course, a doujin game from Yumesoft (it appears to be their one and only release thus far). I tried all morning in vain to get the demo to work on my end; after a lengthy download session… it always takes me forever to nab anything from Japan… the game simply wouldn’t run, and I’m not sure why, since I don’t understand Japanese. But I think it has something to do with me not having the latest DirectX installed, though being on a Mac via Bootcamp might be the real culprit. Anyhow, going by the video alone, it appears to be a thoroughly competent VO clone, provided if you don’t mind the extra dose of X chromosomes.


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At least the cast isn’t all moe, which is somewhat of a surprise, given the archetype’s popularity as of late. Though to be honest, instead of girls that vaguely resemble Temjin or Bal-Bas-Bow, most appear to be from shmups, either from Triggerheart Exelica or Otomedius, primarily the blue haired character. You’ve also got one that has shades of Anubis, from Zone of the Enders, along with this other one who vaguely resembles Eika Ichijo, from Sky Girls, or at least the mecha suit. Sorta. Okay, not really. Anyway, for those that wish to give it a try, the demo can be attained here (hope you all have better luck than myself). Via Select Button.


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Mmmm….mech girls and 3D combat…yum!

Seriously, though, yeah, it is a VO clone, but it is done well, and while the character designs might not be 100% original, they work, and they’re nice to look at.

Looks interesting–might check it out. Thanks for this!

Ha ha! Nothing like a mixture of life’s greatest pleasures.

here’s a bit of info which may help you run japanese pc games on your pc, i go to the place alot for my doujin fix:

oh and here’s another game you may like as well, which I think is made by the same person:

Heh, neat! But…yet another “how the hell do I use Twinsticks with this game!?” conundrum.

I suppose you could figure out some kind of Dual Shock solution.

Well, you could use an xbox 360 wired controller or any other controller which is dual sticks with a usb port. Setting it up is quite easy. as soon as you switch the option to “twinstick” all you have to do is set the stick and buttons configuration how ever you like.

Doing a Google Search for “Microsoft Applocale”, and then getting East Asian Language support on your version of Windows will solve a good 75% of the problems with getting Japanese doujin games to work.

Another common problem is that the path name might be too long; if you’re used to extracting files into a folder with the original rar or zip’s name, you might run into a problem where there are a lot of nested folders inside, and if you’re in, say, C:\Documents and Settings\… already you might reach a character limit for the path name. Usually not a problem with original Japanese packaged zips and rars, but sometimes if an English speaker decides to store a freeware doujin game, he’ll add developer name, what Comiket the demo it appeared at, the game’s full title, etc. into the file name, which makes the problem even more likely. All because the archivist wanted to make sure the original author of the freeware game/demo got credit!

hey Tollmaster, you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge running Japanese games. For some reason I cant get Super Cosplay War Ultra to run. Even though i’ve done pretty much everything to get any japanese game to run on my pc. I’ve gotten almost every other japanese game to run, but that one just doesn’t want to work.

Valforce is more than a competent VO clone. It improves greatly upon the original. I’d say better than VOOM. The game is base on the first VO rather than the more popular VOOT.

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