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News: OCRemix Releases An Armored Core Tribute Album

Posted on : 11-01-2011 | By : | In : News

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For years OverClocked Remix, perhaps the most widely recognized fan-based community of game music remixers, has been releasing special collections (albums as they refer to them) that pay homage to a specific game. For the most part, the choice of subject matter has been on a bit of a safe side: Sonic, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, and the like. Hence why their most recent release, which is centered around Armored Core, is particularly noteworthy.

The album, which made it’s official debut yesterday but had a preview release at Comiket78, is the brainchild of Swedish composer and arranger Mattias Häggström Gerdt; in the creator’s comments that accompanies the release, he explains how his first taste of the series was Armored Core 4. From there Mattias explored the rest of series and subsequently become a huge fan of the varied musical styles that are contained within. The end result are 11 tracks, that draws upon 15 different songs from numerous instalments; track one for example starts out with a piece from Silent Line and transitions to another from part 4.

The album seems decent enough, though I’m not super familiar with every entry of the franchise and therefore cannot accurately assess how good (or bad) a tribute it truly is. Ollie should perhaps have the final word on this one. But I will say, as much of a fan I’ve been of the OCRemix community over the years, the albums have never resonated with me, at least on the same level that assorted random songs the same game has also inspired. Reasons are hard to pin down, though one always gets the sensation that things feel a bit too constrained and conservative, the opposite of which I would gather is hard to maintain over the entire length of an album in their defense.

At any rate, like all their releases, it’s a free download, so judge for yourself. Here’s a trailer to wet your appetite…

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Ollie Update: This is an utterly excellent remix and is really refreshing to see Western fans pull something like this off so professionally. For those curious as to which tracks are used in the remixes and from which games they are from, I’ve taken the following information from the site. For those curious about the series’ main composer, Kota Hoshino, then there are two interesting interviews here and here:

01: “Morning, Lemontea” (Armored Core 3: Silent Line), “Thinker” (Armored Core 4)
02: “Twist It” (Armored Core 4), “Someone is Always Moving on the Surface” (Armored Core: for Answer)
03: “Apex in Circle” (Armored Core: Master of Arena)
04: “Speed” (Armored Core 4)
05: “Shining” (Armored Core: Nexus), “Autobahn” (Armored Core: Nexus)
06: “Super Monkey Likes Daddy” (Armored Core: Nexus)
07: “Atom Smasher” (Armored Core 2), “Whiz Drop” (Armored Core 2)
08: “King Lear” (Armored Core 2)
09: “I Can See All” (Armored Core: for Answer), “isaku No.373” (Armored Core: Formula Front)
10: “Cosmos” (Armored Core: for Answer)
11: “Thinker” (Armored Core 4)

Vocals on track 1, 4 and 6: Deia Vengen
Vocals on track 9 and 11: Jillian Aversa
Vocals on track 10: Kota Hoshino

Originally composed by:
Kota Hoshino (1-11)
Keiichiro Segawa (3 7 8 )
Tsukasa Saitoh (3)
Yuji Kanda, Ikuya Ichinohe (7 8 )
Ayako Minami (9)


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I sure as hell hope I’m not the only one who likes this.

On the other hand, if I am, that just means I get to sit atop my trusty mechanical steed and point and laugh at everyone when it catches on that this album is fantastic.


Oh my god *-* , this week has been amazing!! , thanks for letting us know 😀

Thanks for spotlighting my album, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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