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News: Nintendo 3DS to feature Gundam and Super Robot Wars

Posted on : 16-06-2010 | By : | In : News



The newly announced Nintendo 3DS, which sounds suitably wondrous, is also getting some cool third party games too. Even Bandai Namco are jumping into the fray and offering new Gundam and Super Robot Wars games specifically for the handheld. From a Gundam perspective, if they go down the action route, we could have something pretty mindblowing on a 3DS. As for SRW, there’s not much scope for sight bending functionality – as the games are predominantly turn-based strategy orientated. Still, it’s nice to see that the 3DS will be getting a slice of mecha gaming in the near future.


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You know I got to hand it to Nintendo, when I heard about the 3DS I thought oh no, another crappy upgrade to the DS with a poor 3D gimmick, but what I seen at e3 blew me away, the best thing of the show to me, this is actually a new machine the graphics are almost if not Wii level, and that kid icuras game just made me go wow, straight away I was thinking about what a Gundam game would look like, it all sounds very promising.

The support its getting out the blocks is amazing, konami just said a Contra game is on the way too, being a big Contra fan that sounds great, along with this news.

I still have my 1st Gen DS, but im defently getting the 3DS, the only question is do I get the first version or wait for the 2nd version, because you know thats how Nintendo roll 😀

Well if the SRWs on DS were any indication, these games will probably have reused sprites and GBA level graphics as well. Or heck maybe they’re actually making something nice for a change.

More likely, based on the 3DS’s architecture, is that we’ll see PS2 level ports. I reckon something along the lines of SRW Z tbh.

Man I would love it if they re-released the Gamecube Gachapon wars onto the 3DS. I love the old school Snes style gameplay.
3DS blew me away as well, I really wasn’t expecting much either. The 3d in the Metal Gear demo was really nicely done.

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