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News: Next Gundam Versus game to be Unicorn specific

Posted on : 17-02-2010 | By : | In : News

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This is currently a rumour at present but it seems the next Gundam Versus game, that’s been hinted at on the official site, will be Gundam Unicorn focused. This would mark a return to the series specific approach that the games had prior to the Gundam vs Gundam shift a few years ago. This also means we’ll get to finally see both the Sinanju and Banshee in a game with any luck. In addition to this news, it also appears that the Unicorn Gundam will also make an appearance in Gundam Assault Survive and separately Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus will also receive some “Special Edition” DLC sometime in April. In any case, we’ll know for sure on these by the end of the week.

Update: It turns out that the next Gundam Versus game, Gundam Extreme Versus, isn’t series specific to Unicorn. However, there is still another Gundam arcade game in development that will tie into the series in some way.


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That’s great news. I really hope its a throwback to the old Gundam vs. series made by Capcom, and they bring back older OYW MS as playable units like what they did for Titans vs. AEUG.

All the Gundam Versus games have been developed by Capcom though.

Oh, yay! more mediocre gundam games that won’t be localized

Mediocre is the last thing I think of when talking about the Gundam Vs series, they are easily the best out of all the Gundam games.

As for this surposed Unicorn game, well thats up in the air depends on what type of arcade game it is, might not be a console friendly type of game.

Well I have got quite used to Gundam/Mecha games not comming out in the west, for some reason we keep getting Gundam Dynasty Warriors but not real Gundam games, I have no idea why, I expect that will be the same for both these new games.

“they are easily the best out of all the Gundam games.”

Yes, they are. out of the gundam games.

But they’re still mediocre games over all.
I still haven’t played a gundam game with nice environments or unique set pieces.
The graphics often aren’t impressive aside from the mobile suits.

Nothing about these games really sets them apart or makes them stand out. Bandai REALLY needs to take a page from From Software’s book.

But they won’t because they know that even if it’s a complete pile, that japanese fanboys will eat it up, so there’s no pressure to make a quality product.

Senki gives me reason to hope though.

“I still haven’t played a gundam game with nice environments or unique set pieces.”

I take it you havent played One Year War? I forgot to mention that in my first post but as a single player Gundam game I think its the best and it is actually a good game in its own right.

Ive gone back to playing it recently and it really is the best and probably the closest your going to get to anything like AC.

Here are some gameplay footage links;

I seriously say you check that game out, its for ps2, the game is quite a challenge on hard mode, and for me handles the OYW story the best, especially if you go for the MA’s.

Graphicly it is also the most impressive and blows the vs series out the water, but of course this is a single player game.

I will agree that the Gundam games and mecha games in general are pretty lackluster, I mean outside AC and ACE both made by From Software your options are not great.

Maybe the new Gundam Vs game will take the series to the next level, atleast it should in graphic terms since its using ps3 tech now finally after 3 years.

In the end Mecha games are a niche market to begin with so its no wonder us mecha freaks buy up any old crap that comes are way.

Actually I have played One Year War, and I agree it’s very fun game play wise. AND they did try a few different things.

In fact I own most of the gundam games on ps2 despite my poor opinion of them.

My largest beef with gundam titles is that despite their prolific source material, none of the games have lived up to it at all. It seems to me making a great mecha game would be easy. But time after time Bandai drops the ball.

Like I said I have some hope with games like Senki 0081 and as you pointed out, one year war.
However the environments are still bland and japan seems to be pretty stuck in the past, not taking advantage of either the ps3 or 360’s hardware/software, still making games for the ps2.

Then again that being said. even on the ps2 you can make some mind blowing visuals, examples are Ico, shadow of the colossus, and okami.

Personally I would kill for a gundam title similar to Armored core and Chrome hounds. I want lots of customization and personality.

Some good points there rabies.

I agree that a mecha game that is just all out good is something I crave for.

You’re right that the One Year War game is a few tweaks away from being really awesome.

For example I had this idea for the last level after you beat char in his Zeong you actually get out the Gundam and fight him, I know this was done in Encounters In Space I believe, however if I remember correctly it was not an actual level but you could just press buttons for no real reason, they should make it an actual part of the game so you can be more into it, think back to Snake vs Liquid on top of metal gear in the first psx game.

Then after that when you’re escaping A Baoa Qu instead of just seeing a cut scene you have to do it yourself using the Core Fighter you have to escape from inside ABaoa Qu, think of the levels from macross or starfox when you have to go inside a giant ship or something like that, but with explosions and what not happening.

These are just a few of the little things I would add, I think in the end it adds to making a more enjoyable experience.

Now I dunno if you noticed but a problem with One Year War and Senki is that they both cameout only because of the Gundam anniversary’s, that means we have to wait every 5 years for one decent Gundam game, which is just stupid that is the only time bandai care about the gundam franchise.

I would love to see a sequel to the One Year War, this time based on the Zeta story.

I think an epic mecha game like God of war would be awesome, no I dont mean the ripping of limbs and what not lol, I just mean the epicness of it, if you get what I mean? Imagine fighting a giant ass like titan but as a mecha, I think AC4A might have done something like that but from what I seen its not like how I would describe my GOW idea.

The gaming industry has changed now though and fresh ideas are only something thats seen in the indie scene, thats why in the next two years you will see a whole bunch of modern warfare clones, meaning that such things as mecha games will not get the go ahead or funding, much less ones with big production values.

They’re only a couple of franchise that could get the backing of a company to try and make the mecha game to end all mecha games, that would be one Transformers lol yeah, still not sold on that new game, they more they try to hide it with CGI the more I think its going to suck.

Front Mission the new action adventure one, it looks fairly average at this point, could be a the case of hit or miss.

Then I think a ZOE3 with MGS4 production levels, that could really be the one, but I dunno if konami would back such a thing, since it would make no where near as much money as MGS.

If their is one man in the game industry that could push that idea it would be Kojima though.

A pity I think he is doomed to make MGS games for the rest of his life, I would certainly like to see him have a crack on the mecha franchise again.

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