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News: Lost Planet Vs. Metal Gear

Posted on : 10-02-2010 | By : | In : News


Okay, not really. But sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The above image was found on one of the many random Tumblrs that I subscribe to (be sure to click the image for the full size version). Now, there has to be an actual game with a similar set-up, right? Where you’re some lowly grunt in the middle of some massive war, alongside giant mecha, both your side’s and the enemy’s; the primary focus is whatever your mission might be, but also not getting accidentally crushed is equally important. If so, what are they so I can give them a shot?


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Good Picture. Would do business with again. A+++++

Well, Rex is actually backwards, since the dish should be on the other side, but it’s a nice effort anyway!

On a smaller scale, there is the Armored Troopers VOTOMS PS2 game that was mentioned on this site before.

For something on a MS scale, there was the Operation Troy for Xbox 360, but it was only released in Japan as far as I know.

Well, Steel Battalion on xbox does the work.

If nobody heard about it, it’s probably the best mecha game ever made.

More here :

I just love the design and i never found anything close to it.

The mecha in that game were designed by Junji Okubo (who also created the logo for this site).

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