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News: Battle Armor Division Released

Posted on : 26-05-2011 | By : | In : News, Videos



Battle Armor Division, a mecha action sidescroller, has been released by developer Crian Soft. As we’ve noted before, Battle Armor Division’s gameplay runs in a similar vein to the classic Assault Suits series, which inspired other recent efforts at recreating the Assaults Suit magic such as Gunhound and Gigantic Army. It’s always a pleasure to see a Western-developed mecha game (European, no less) that’s not afraid to combine elements of both Japanese mecha anime and Western military science fiction, especially when it leads to gritty Real Robot conflicts filling the screen with explosions.

On the official site you can find a demo, and the full game is available via digital distribution for 8.90 Euros (around $12.50). Along with the game, a new trailer has been released, asking: “can you survive at the war in 26° century?” Ah, it just wouldn’t feel like a mecha game without a slightly awkward localization.

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I might not, but I sure want to try surviving the war in 26 degrees century!

26 degrees? If that’s an average world temperature, then the future has a LOT of global warming in store for us.

The video link’s down. But I saw it on their site and it looks super fun! Like Metal Warriors on the SNES. 😀

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