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Videos: Steel Chronicle Promo

Posted on : 01-12-2011 | By : | In : Videos



What with the release of Steel Chronicle around the corner, 4Gamer have covered the latest 10 minute plus promo of the game in action. Apart from the annoying voice over it’s interesting to finally see how the game works. It’s pretty clear that Konami’s primary influence here is that of Border Break but with other elements from Monster Hunter and even Phantasy Star Online. Though all these elements do come across as pretty cynical, as SEGA took a big risk with Border Break (which thankfully paid off) but Steel Chronicle really comes across as a pretty shallow hack job. It doesn’t even look that great either, oh well.


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Aside from just the lackluster look and feel of the game -why make a Monster Hunter/PSO game as an arcade game? So weird.

there’s some other fantasy co-op RPG in Japanese arcades too, i forgot what it’s called

I think the arcade gives you a player card so you can keep coming back with your character

it’s kinda like how people play World of Warcraft at lan cafes with their friends I guess

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