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Videos: Original Gundam Movies Streamed

Posted on : 07-09-2011 | By : | In : Videos


In a truly momentous move, the first three Mobile Suit Gundam movies have been uploaded to YouTube, with English subtitles too no less. These three movies, which should really be viewed in one sitting, act as the foundation for the main UC timeline and more importantly cemented the success of the saga in Japan over 30 years ago. If we’re honest, these films are genuinely special and unique in the world of anime. Whilst the animation is pretty dated, the characterisation and narrative are timeless. If you haven’t seen these movies before then you really have no excuse not to now. All three are linked below.






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I hope some people take the opportunity to watch these great films and see when mature anime was first born.

Give me original sound effects or give me death!

Ah, the re-done 5.1 sound effects from the Japanese DVD releases (thankfully they still kept the original audio). I don’t mind the more mechanical sounds and with a good setup it does make more sense.

Why does everyone hates so much my country? Almost every anime/video game video that I try to watch on the internet says “The uploader has not made this video not available on your country” T_T

Great addition though.

The TV series is better, jus’ sayin’ 😉

Don’t agree, as much of the TV series degenerates into “monster of the week” territory in places. Plus the movies are the canon reference in the UC continuity, not the TV series.

The original G movies have always been a precursor to overall price drops in anime. I remember when they were re-released on VHS about 20 years ago for the then-amazing price of 4,000 yen or so each.

Between this and the decision to release the TV ver with subtitles (previously dubbed-only) in the US for 1/8 the original price, Bandai has sure reevaluated what these things are worth.

I still consider my Dubbed versions of these movies on VHS to be my strangest and funniest anime collectible.

And yes, the movies are far better than the series, with significantly improved characterization and a significant trimming of the fat and off-model animation.

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