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Videos: Masoukishin F Initial Promo

Posted on : 22-05-2014 | By : | In : Videos




Well that didn’t take long; Masoukishin F now has its first promo video (shown below). This will indeed be the final entry to the Masoukishin saga and the engine has had a fair bit of improvement. Now with a modified forced perspective, it makes the 2D models almost appear 3D. It looks quite impressive in fact. That aside, the game has been scheduled for a release on August 28th. There will be two versions available; a standard release at 7,120 yen and a limited edition at 10,930 yen. The latter will have a full soundtrack set for the series and a 100 page artbook included. The standard version will also be available to download from PSN on the day of release.


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Has there been any word as to where this falls in the whole OG timeline? As I’m a little surprised to see Armarla (I always thought it was Amala/Amara) in the trailer.

Odd that they’re putting in English translations for all of the text now too. I’d thought that was strange enough on the Hello Kitty April Fools video.

The data translates to saying she has Amnesia. So it’s fairly clear it’s after 2nd OGS at the least (seeing as 2nd OGS occurs in the middle of LoE1 (between parts 1 and 2).

At most 3rd OGS will answer us where LoE2 and LoE 3 and LoE FF stand. Will they occur before the inevitable Balmar war…? Or will some occur after?…

All we know is Granzon/Neo Granzon got -totaled- by these Baal-like creatures (I know, Baal not in OGs) and Shuu’s now a ship captain in the aftermath…

So…its polygons, but polygons animated so choppily that they look like 2D. Also, zoomed up so close for the attacks you can barely tell WTF you’re looking at.

I’ll pass.

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