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Videos: Gundam Side Stories Story Promo

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Following the last two gameplay promos for Gundam Side Stories, we now have one that covers the game and story as whole. In addition to confirming the presence of a Cross Dimension 0079 arc, we now also see much more of how the Missing Link story fits into things. Specifically, how the MS-08TX/S Efreet Schneid ends up in Unicorn (as the Efreets were made in very limited quantity). Bar that, the story for Missing Link actually looks quite compelling and it seems that Side Stories as a whole has been given a lot of love. The game is still on course for its May 29th release and you can pre-order the standard edition here.


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I was very much impressed by this story and I’m interested to see how the later parts of UC (0087-0096) will work into the game.

Indeed the story does look super intriguing, but the game itself still kind of looks like a hot mess.

Dunno about that, this looks actually good for a change.

Very basic generic 3rd person action shooter with awkward movement and flat, plain environments by the look of it. Maybe they’ll surprise me and there will be some interesting defensive options like a parry/counter for close range, otherwise I imagine gameplay will involve lethargically shooting targets and moving from point A to point B.

That’s the thing; it doesn’t look basic or generic. That’s why I am actually looking forward to this.

What about this doesn’t look generic to you? It practically looks identical to 0081 but even clunkier. Add some constructiveness to your contradictory statement.

Maybe the game isn’t bad but instead simply doesn’t appeal to you? Given the increased sense of speed and additional flourishes to melee combat as well as the sheer aggression of enemies, this game seems pretty above par. While it might not be ridiculously complex, there is definitely beauty in how it’s simplicity plays out. You sound like one of those guys I see every once and a while who cross their arms and state personal hang ups as objective criticisms unless the game tickles their g-spot in a super specific way.

I don’t think it looks very similar to 0081, actually. Besides maybe atmosphere. The action looks incredibly fast and the melee looks more “engaged” and less constrained than 0081, which was a damn fine game.

Can’t deny that but it does look a lot better than before.

All I understand is that some Rengou soldiers join up with some Zeon remnants for some reason, and that the mysterious super-prototype in the SRC-Style cloak is pilot has skills comparable to ‘the Ace of White Base’?

The Pale Rider also employs a next-gen EXAM system too and it looks like the cockpit is empty. It’s also “renpou” (連邦) not “rengou” (連合).

So you’re saying it’s more like a prototype of the ALICE system? Interesting.

Not really. The EXAM system allowed MS to work without a pilot (such as BD1). ALICE is an actual AI, the EXAM and HADES systems are downloaded Newtype consciousnesses.

More information on those suits we see after the 0079 section, you can also make out a Doven Wolf and Driessen as well.
New gameplay of Zeonic Front and Blue Destiny. Blue Destiny doesn’t stop after BD-1 is destroyed.

Yeah, saw these yesterday. Nice to see that the space missions are indeed there. Was worried for a bit. Will update on this later.

I. . .what? This looks like any licensed 3d action game I’ve ever seen. There does appear to be some kind of camera angle change business happening much like the extreme versus series, but the rest of it looks really, really unremarkable. What I’m seeing is levels that appear to be flat open fields and super generic mecha action. Can you honestly say that without the Gundam license at work you would even give this game a second look? I’m obviously a huge mecha gaming fan otherwise I wouldn’t even be commenting, but my standards are pretty high. I bought two A.C.E games and 0081 based on the good buzz they had only to find extremely mediocre games with the occasional good idea. Not looking to fall into that trap again, thanks very much.

Also, not sure the personal attacks were warranted.

The main difference over 0081, from what I can see anyway, is that the orbit mechanic has more lateral give in it. In that the dash momentum is retained as you move around. 0081 didn’t have that and was, by contrast, more pedestrian. To my mind this looks more interesting because it means I’ll have to take into account more of the mecha’s handling (which is good for a mecha game). Not so sure on the cinematic approach to some of the melee attacks but liking the fluid combat a lot.

1. Not a personal attack
2. I would even without the license
3. There it is again.Yet again you conflate a lack of personal interest with a lack of quality or innovation.

I hadn’t noticed the momentum thing. I’ll definitely keep on the look out for videos and can’t wait to read your review. Who knows, the game might surprise me.

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