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News: Gundam Extreme Versus 2 Initial Roster And Location Tests AnnouncedNews: Gundam Extreme Versus 2 Initial Roster And Location... As the rest of the world has Gundam Versus on the PS4, Japanese arcades are gearing up for the upcoming Gundam Versus Extreme 2. On May 12 and 13, stores in Tokyo and Osaka...

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News: God Gundam and Master Gundam DLC Coming To Gundam Versus In JanuaryNews: God Gundam and Master Gundam DLC Coming To Gundam... It's been a long time coming, but God Gundam and Master Gundam are finally joining the Gundam Versus roster as the next DLC units in January. While we've had several melee...

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News: Aegis Gundam, GM Sniper II White Dingo Ver. and More Coming To Gundam Versus This DecemberNews: Aegis Gundam, GM Sniper II White Dingo Ver. and... This December, even more suits are being added to the ever growing Gundam Versus lineup. The first is Aegis Gundam, last seen in Gundam SEED Destiny: Rengou VS ZAFT II Plus...

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News: Atlas Gundam DLC Coming To Gundam VersusNews: Atlas Gundam DLC Coming To Gundam Versus If you were hoping for more Gundam Thunderbolt units, there's good news! Atlas Gundam will be joining the Gundam Versus roster as DLC in late November. This will more than...

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News: Gundam Versus To Add Phantom Gundam As DLC UnitNews: Gundam Versus To Add Phantom Gundam As DLC Unit As we await the upcoming Western release of Gundam Versus on September 29 on top of unreleased units such as Pale Rider and Gundam Guison Rebake, Phantom Gundam has been...

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Videos: Gundam Senki 0081

Posted on : 16-09-2009 | By : | In : Videos




As part of our service, we regularly post videos from our YouTube channel showing off the latest mecha games. To tie in with our recent review, we’ve captured three gameplay videos of the new PlayStation 3 exclusive Gundam Senki 0081. Naturally, these are quite spoiler ridden in terms of the game’s narrative so you’ve been forewarned. The videos were captured at 720p too, so make sure to select the HD option.






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I never know where to start watching Gundam…I tired the original series, but something about it didn’t gell with me.

I’ve been told I should try one of the more recent series, but then others have been quite dismissive of them.

Try watching Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, it’s only 6 episodes long and a good starting point if you’re new to the saga.

The new Gundam series – SEED, SEED Destiny and 00 can give you a flavour of Gundam without being weighed down by a good deal of thirty-odd years back story (note that 00 is a separate continuity to the SEED stories; kind of like Star Trek The Next Generation and the new movie); however for a lot of the “old-time” fans like myself they’re a little bit like New Coke; they’ll never be on a par with the original. ^_^

For “proper” Gundam set in the series most well known setting, the “Universal Century”, Cacophanus and his suggesting of Gundam 0080 is a good starting point.

Gundam 0083 and 8th MS Team are also pretty good, mostly self-contained stories which can be watched without any prior Gundam knowledge, though certainly with 0083 it does help a little (such as to understand why Gato is so wound up about a battle he wasn’t even at… ^_^).

Turn-A Gundam is about as different from any Gundam there has ever been, yet its amazingly true to the original series and one of the best entries in the entire franchise. Possibly best appreciated after seeing a couple other Gundams first, it nevertheless can be perfectly enjoyed as a superb, standalone science fiction adventure as well.

Hi, Ollie, by the way…! ^_^

Normally when someone asks for an introduction I list one example, as giving a barrage of information can be quite overwhelming. Plus, in relation to the new Gundam Senki 0081 keeping it UC based seemed more sensible. As for Seed and Seed Destiny, they’re remakes of UC shows anyway – so it’s better to watch the originals.

Strangely, I’m a fan of over information. I much prefer to have a list of possible options, and a short description as to why I should start with it…

I’ve found that if someone just gives me a single “definitive choice” and I don’t like it…I stop trying. But with a list, if I don’t like A, I move on to B etc etc

So, cheers! I’m gonna need to see what I can find for this weekend ^_^

Please to meet y’all.

Sorry, never been good at self-editing!

Is there a way you guys can catergorize the system or console the games are on?

For example: It would be nice to see a PS3 logo or 360 logo next to the title or something to denote what system is getting the release.

Done, added console tags to all the news and reviews.

Bravo my good man, bravo!

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