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Videos: Gundam Gaiden Missing Link Announcement Promo

Posted on : 23-01-2014 | By : | In : Videos




We now have a promo for the recently announced Gundam Gaiden Missing Link. It shows a fair bit of gameplay and whilst it looks serviceable, the camera and mobile suit movement looks a bit off. As expected, there’s a pretty badass Efreet shown as well as a caped mystery mobile suit (that will be designed just for the game). By the way the promo is structured it looks like this will be a narrative focused, as in singleplayer campaign, type of game. However, considering that Namco Bandai are on a bit of a freemium spree at the moment we’re not sure how this game will turn out. No word as to a release date or price as yet either. Overall, we’re somewhat curious but a little wary of how this might turn out.


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Hopefully they can clean it up a bit. I’ve wanted a new Next-Gen Gundam game that was less arcadey and focused on a universe for a while now, and while I love Breaker and Probably will love Full Boost, I really enjoy games like this one, Senki, and such. I remember that Breaker’s first promos made the game look a lot worse than it was too, so yeah. Hope for it to be good!

This is extremely exciting, really looking forward to it. I’m hoping for a 30 FPS frame rate at least.

Oh my is that the 0081 combat engine, UPGRADED? Sure looks like it to a good degree. And oh my lord finally a 3-D Gundam with SPACE combat. I cannot say how much I wanted honest 0-G over that silly low-G from 0081 Q_Q.

h…have you not played Gundam UC??????

why must all Gundam games have auto-aim lock-on targetting systems… 🙁

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