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Videos: Gundam Extreme Versus Opening Movie

Posted on : 24-09-2010 | By : | In : Videos



As we mentioned previously, the upcoming arcade game Gundam Extreme Versus will have its opening movie accompanied by Linkin Park’s song The Catalyst.

Well, that movie is now online and shows how the music will fit the action. Interestingly, the actual functional audio is absent (as in beam rifle shots etc.) leaving the dulcit tones of Linkin Park to shine through. Whilst on one hand the new intro doesn’t feel very Gundam, the music does somehow fit – though in a bit of an odd and unexpected, but still welcome, way. The new opening movie is shown below.


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As you said, it feels a little odd, but I don’t think about it as a non-gundam game. It’s just a little style change; a good one in my opinion. Of course they shouldn’t forget the japanese songs that made the series so popular.
On the intro, I see some tecno-wipeout style, and maybe that’s what is bothering you.
That’s just my opinion.
Thanks for these news. Long live to Gundam! 😛

Meh, that Linkin Part song doesn’t actually sound that different compared to the typical TM revolution song.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel like the song fits till about halfway through, but it does work especially well at the end of the intro.

It is hilarious how many unofficial Gundam music videos have used Linkin Park’s music, now that there is an official video in existence. Perhaps ironic in a way, as well.

Sorry dont like it, feels like a crappy fan edit that you see on youtube, it doesnt help that Linkin Park seem to be the fav music for AMV, CMV scene, it just reaks of that stuff.

Just thank the heavens its only in the intro and not all over the game.

Works for me–and I’m not a huge Linkin Park fan.

Besides, the upside is that the attention paid to this union of Linkin Park and GUNDAM just might get more people’s eyeballs on Gundam, and that’s certainly a good thing, right?

Sorry, it didn’t work for me, so strange.

I wish they had asked TM Revolution or another suitable artist for this opening movie.

I’m with Laura and Chronos.

Feels like one of the hundreds of bad AMVs on youtube.
Now we need the next Naruto game to feature a song by drowning pool(ala let the bodies hit the floor).
Or the next installment in the Final Fantasy franchise to feature Evanescence.

I’m with you.

As much as I didn’t personally care for Gackt’s rendition of “Ai Senshi” in the last game, at least it actually FIT with what was going on. Using the same damn song that’s in another generic American FPS, as well as possible plenty more FMV/MADs out there, is not exactly a good look, in my opinion.

Thankfully, at least I can skip the intro, once hopefully a PS3 port comes along 6-8 months later. ^_^

What shooter featured Linkin Park? I don’t remember that. Saying that though I’ve probably played it… might even own it.

The new call of duty

MW2? I do own that T_T
I didn’t notice at all (never watches ending credits in games)

It’s not Call of Duty, it’s Medal of Honor Black Ops, that featured LP in its trailer.
You can search for it, it’s even the same song “The Catalyst”

The same song as the gundam intro… LMAO

Did I miss the part where Crossbone gundam wasn’t in the intro but the other shows were? I even noticed the (whatsitcalled) prototype from Igloo

It was in there as a sillhouette for a couple seconds. It’s the thing with the cape.

if the whole game got ported to english, then it probably would fit well

Is there any real chance of it having a console release that lands it stateside? On PS3 if at all possible?

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