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Videos: Gundam Breaker Promo

Posted on : 27-09-2012 | By : | In : Videos

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One of the more interesting games announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was that of Gundam Breaker. A new PS3 and Vita game were you control Gundam model kits (or gunpla) in various arenas. The interesting aspect of this was that they not only retained the scales (so you could have a 1/144 scale Gundam facing a 1/60 scale Zaku) but that you could also kitbash the units too. Well, we now have a promo video that shows the game in action and it is quite simply joyous to behold. In addition, it seems that destruction of various gunpla results in their inner plastic workings to be sprayed everywhere, polycap joints and all. As ideas go this is a pretty good one and considering how massively popular gunpla remains in most of Asia, it should appeal to a lot of people. No word on a price point or a release date as yet but as soon as we know more we’ll let you know.




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Where’s the game that lets you customize suits?

You’d think something like paint schemes wouldn’t be that hard to do.

The game looks like we can customize parts, so we may get a custom paint scheme option as well.

There’s some different weapons, but if they were going to do things like paint jobs, something that AC has been doing since on the PS1, don’t you think it would be obvious in this trailer?

Gunpla Builders: The Video Game

The greatest thing about the Gunpla Builders OVA was knowing that a game would one day be made with that concept.

Much sooner than expected, perhaps, but I’m not complaining.

This could be very shweet indeed , keep us up to date on any news Cacophonous . Thnks in advance

Was hoping for a Full Boost PS3 port announcement, but I guess this is okay. I think it needs to do more to differentiate itself from the Gundam Musou and Battle series than have some crazy scale disparities. I hope kitbashing allows for some level of AC-like customization strategy.

I hope they include all HGUC and MG and PG models, of the modern type. It would mean I could finally use the HRAIROO and HAzel in a non-SD Gundam game.

It’d be funny if they had the old Speed Grade models in it though, as sort of a challenge mode, or even the SD models.

The greatest challenge is using a model made of dried clay.

Here’s hoping for some outdated model kits, just for humor’s sake.

P.S. My kitbashing results will be Turn A Raiser.

Why the hell isn’t this just called Gunpla Builders? Was that brand that much of a failure? IMO it was better than most G shows of the last 15 years.

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