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Videos: Gundam Breaker Promo

Posted on : 25-03-2013 | By : | In : Videos

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What with the beta out for Gundam Breaker already (and one that had over 300,000 downloads in its first week online), it seems a bit odd to have a promo. In any case, it is pretty thorough and shows off the game pretty well. We’re definitely looking forward to the game’s release and will probably be picking up the PS3 version (which you can pre-order here).


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Comments (4)

Just curious…

I mean, AGE is at least more popular than ZZ/X, right? Come on (though those are also not in this game)!

Same with Turn A, I guess.

I sure hope there’s at least a few Turn A machines. I gotta make my Turn A Raiser after all….

The idea of random Gundam parts fit together bothers me more and more. Imagine your favor mecha merges with the ugliest mecha… . .

Playing the beta i’m 50/50 on this game. Yeah you can customize your mobile suit. But most the time this game just turns into a melee fest, kinda like a dynasty warriors but with half way decent range attacks. And thus it gets dull and upsetting for me since i like my mega beam cannons. Melee focused gundam games always annoyed since gundams are supposed to be machines of war and not 60 foot tall samurai’s…

So right now i MIGHT get the vita version. Maybe.

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