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Videos: Gundam Battle Operation Ground Combat Trailer

Posted on : 11-05-2012 | By : | In : Videos



Gundam Battle Operation has received a new ground combat trailer. Showing off the human sized combat, the trailer doesn’t exactly help to assuage our fears. Whilst it’s the same team behind Gundam Senki 0081, we’re definitely getting flashbacks to the pretty awful Gundam Operation Troy. That said, since the beta a bunch of changes have gone in. From visible enemy life gauges to more easily visible hit markers and stun grenades for foot soldiers (the latter being in the trailer). The stun grenades look to be a pretty handy option but seem a bit overpowered in the trailer, as they cripple a mobile suit pretty effectively. The game is meant to be released sometime at the end of June but no specific date has been set as yet.




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The idea behind Operation Troy and, likely, Battle Operation is actually quite cool: Showcase mobile suit combat alongside soldier combat in an effective scale. However, there are reasons why this becomes very difficult to execute, from the feel of each different combatant (human vs. hoverbike vs. tank vs. MS, etc.) to the idea of making a direct control parallel between the different units.

Can’t have people actually, you know, working at learning the controls, that’s for Armored Core or Dark Souls or Project Sylpheed or Steel Battalion.

this game has looked like junk since day one. I love the idea of scale as much as the next dude, but I appreciate solid gameplay much much more.

Not sure about you guys but the MS combat looks pretty solid to me?

Though I really hope that there is some kind of balancing.

And you know, that it’s fun.

So MS just basically suck and never should have been developed, is what this video is saying?

Human troops will always be a major threat to armor.

So long as that armor doesn’t notice them.

Though I have developed a general negativity towards the logic of MS given there size, and the usual convention of rescaling/restructuring the world to a point they become irrelevant to a degree.

The only use for the ever present head mounted vulcans on Gundam was anti-personell, yet these MS all just stand there doing pretty much nothing at all while troops pound on them. Do they even have pilots?

It’s a free game , and you dont have to use it when it’s out , I never got to try the beta , though I had it running, but I still want to believe in this game.

They typically polish graphics last , but who knows?

What’s wrong with the graphics? The physics engine looks floaty, but that about it.

I really wish Bandai/Namco thought of THIS little project when they were working on Armored Core 5. Instead of ejecting into a shitty, useless, tap-something-and-you’re dead, bland, lazily animated pilot.

I’d like to try this game out when it’s released.

Bandai Namco didn’t develop Armored Core V.

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