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Videos: Gundam AGE Promo

Posted on : 13-06-2011 | By : | In : Videos



Following last week’s leak, the somewhat kiddy Gundam AGE has received its official announcement. From a nice animated promo (shown below) to the news that Level 5 are indeed also helming not only the series’ story but also the game tie-ins (specifically an as yet yet untitled RPG). It seems Bandai have set their money making machine to go up to eleven this time. One of the arcade game tie-ins in particular is rather interesting though. Entitled Gage-ing Battle Base it effectively has kids place their newly built model kits into a reader of some sort that then generates battle stats for them to play with. It’s like Barcode Battlers high fived with the people behind Gunpla Builders. There’s also a card battling game called Gundam Triage on the way too, which will feature all manner of series including the forthcoming Gundam AGE. If we’re brutally honest, whilst we do love Level 5’s output it does feel misplaced here. This is not to say that kid’s in giant real robot mecha can’t be interesting, as Vifam and V Gundam do kinda prove that it can work, but that it’s probably gone too far in this case. The series is expected to start this October.

Update: Seems that Kanetake Ebikawa has done the primary mecha design of the titular Gundam AGE-1. The “mega size” 1/48 scale kit looks pretty cool too.




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Bamco have set this up to be nothing more than a massive glorified advert for toys, games and all the rest, the show even looks like an Ad for kids, totally lame.

I surpose you can say we have Unicorn, so no need for another grown up show, but its pretty obvious from the get go what this show is designed for, make Bamco lots and lots of money.

I thought I might be atleast be interested in the games, but they sound lame as well and hardly even true mech games, atleast the ones mentioned.

All signs point to fail with this.



Maybe because we (old fans) are not many enough! Sad but true I think…

>Not many enough

lol what an understatement

1) That trailer was sufficiently cool for me to be interested
2) Gundam age looks cool
3) UC? Hell yeah.
4)That arcade thing sounds AWESOME, wonder what it does to SD kits.

I’m actually liking the mech designs this time around, though the AGE-1’s stupid A on the chest does annoy me greatly. Also, the prospect of a successor to Gundam True Odyssey (MS Saga) interests me greatly, as I quite enjoyed that game’s challenge. I’ll give this series a shot, definitely, but it is quite funny to me that Bandai isn’t even remotely trying to hide the marketing focus this time around.

Honestly? Sure some of the designs are a bit kiddy for my tastes, but this hasn’t stopped me from enjoying a series before. The plot premise sounds interesting enough to warrant a look, and the animation doesn’t seem terrible.


About the show… “must wait to see the result”. About the arcade, I think it’s very interesting, and with all of this marketing maybe we’ll finally get a translated gundam game. Who knows…

As much as I hate to say it, it’s good that they’re not appealing to otaku. Kids today are all watching card game shows, they need some mecha. I hope that this show is good, gets big in Japan and comes over to the US. This could be the Millennial generation’s Gundam Wing.


Not sure if not want.

Might be like SEED, come completely out of left field and be far stronger than anyone expects. I think I’ll take a wait and see.

And while I’m doing that, I’ll keep slowly working my way through Zeta Gundam… and Tekkaman Blade.

On a side note: I never thought I’d run into Dr. Light in a Gundam series.

dude, if you think V Gundam is for kids, you’re really really screwed up in the head. Darkest Gundam by far.

I don’t think he’s saying V Gundam is for kids. He’s talking about kid characters. Both Vifam and V Gundam had kid characters, but dealt with dark themes.

In fact, this is kind of a recurring theme in Gundam.

Adolescents maturing while being put into kill or be killed scenarios while having to come to grips with the consequences of their actions and the fact that they don’t have control over other people’s actions.

Or something like that.

gotcha. Just making sure 🙂

0079, SEED, Unicorn, V Gundam.

That’s all I can think of right now.

Zeta and Double Zeta as well.

I mostly like what I’ve seen. Not so keen on the digimon-ish character designs and the main suit. The spoiler-looking thing on the back and the proportions look a bit weird.

I like the red and blue forms, and the promo video looks like they’re racking up some decent amounts of civilian deaths.

And I really like Engineer Old Dude launch the gun. Reminded me of a yuusha in a good way.

I have no interest in this but:

It still looks better than Seed/00

A show made directly for the “catch-em-all” crowd is fine as long as they still make stuff like Unicorn once in a while.

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