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Videos: Full Armored Core V CG Trailer

Posted on : 06-06-2011 | By : | In : Videos

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Following the shorter CG trailer released week for Armored Core V, From Software have followed up with what looks to be the full version (shown below). As with all their CG movie work, it’s very pretty indeed. The daytime shots look really quite splendid too. It’s also interesting to see how gritty they’re pitching the game now. The release date, for Japan at least, has also finally been confirmed for the 20th October.




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The urban daytime combat looked great.

Offtopic: This game could definitely use an IRC channel of sorts. The community would fit right in some kind of IRC channel enviroment.

I would enjoy a spectator mode, personally, or something where player videos could be watched by newer gamers to get an idea of the things that might be possible by skilled pilots. Anything that could ease people into the game to a certain extent. AC4’s tutorials were pretty good, but I think that the job they performed is going to be done by the Single Player campaign this time (like in Chromehounds). Something specifically to show off PVP to newcomers would be a big boon to the game, I think.

As for the overall aesthetic, I love the look of the urban combat environments. I think it adds a lot of atmosphere to the game, where early games had underground cities and tunnels, and the later parts of the series had a few more desolate battlefields (4 and FA), I think the idea of fighting in places where it’s quite clear people still lived until only VERY recently adds a lot to the grittier Real Robot feel of the game. And the daytime shots look amazing.

Pants change time.

My only question is what was that massive tunnel in the beginning and how is that AC wreckage linked to it? People have been saying this a lot and it really does look like one of the cores from the AC3-SL era and since a large amount of those games took place underground the tunnel would make sense if ACV is secretly taking place in the AC3 universe.Then again I bet my baseless speculation is completely wrong and that tunnel is just a tunnel.

I believe it was mentioned somewhere that the ACs in this game are ancient weapons dug up from ruins.

Maybe it’s a callback to the tunnels of London used during the blitz? Seems a decent idea to hide underground as much as possible.

Besides, it wouldn’t be Armored Core without at least one tunnel fight.

Idk bout ya’ll but my engineering side creamed its shorts during that sequence with the 4 legged dual-howitzer wielding AC’s acting as long range artillery support. Ugh. I pretty well creamed my shorts during the whole thing but that little tidbit really had me going lol.

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