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Videos: Front Mission Evolved gameplay

Posted on : 18-11-2009 | By : | In : Videos

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Square Enix have been fairly diligent recently at posting new gameplay videos on their YouTube channel for the upcoming Double Helix developed Front Mission Evolved. Much in the same way our hands-on impressions indicated that the TGS demo was functionally rather lacklustre, these videos only seem to confirm that appraisal further.






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Aside from the fact that this game’s framerate will be a detriment to the whole experience. The tedium here is simply killing me.

The big excursion into realtime combat in this series came in the form of Front Mission Online. Its gameplay system blows this out of the water. You had reload times that impacted the frequency of weapon use, and a class based system that allowed for medics and EMP disruptors.

Also, in FMO, the Wanzers had “momentum”. So you couldn’t just stop on a dime, and the directional movement and aiming were entirely independent.

Evolved is going to be “small, mid, heavy” mechs. Deathmatch. Done. *snore* boring.

Hello guys, My first time on your web. It is amazing! Love it and love the contents.

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actually nikon, front mission made the jump to real time combat way back in gun hazard.

Gunhazard is actually more of a bybrid with that of the Cybernator / Assault Suits series than a true Front Mission game. I used the words “The big excursion into realtime combat”, not “first” excursion because of this anomoly in the Front Mission timeline. In the end, the 2D gameplay of Gun Hazard has little relevance in the context of Evolved. FMO, is really where the talking points are as it was Front Mission’s first true foray into realtime 3D mech combat. Both on a player vs NPC level, and direct vs multiplayer.

Though technically FMO may have been birthed out of Junk Metal, but its hard to say because there is little historical documentation.

Lordnikon, how much do you know about Junk Metal? I’ve seen a few Japanese Youtube videos of it, but other than the fact that it looked amazing and currently seems to be defunct, I couldn’t find much information about it.

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