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Videos: Damascus Gear Promo

Posted on : 11-10-2012 | By : | In : Videos

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The upcoming Damascus Gear received its first promo not too long ago. Whilst it clearly has a very Armored Core-esque customisation setup, the gameplay looks to be entirely turn-based. This does make sense from a controls standpoint but we had hoped for something a bit more involved. That aside, the game does look lovely and the designs are pretty awesome. The full promo is shown below.


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Seeing as it is clearly and noted as a Android and IOS game, the turn base makes a lot of sense. Destroy Gunners was a good mecha action game on Android but I feel it could have been much better with actual controls and that the touch screen took away from the experience, for example.

That’s why Assault Gunners is a LOT better on Vita I think; proper controls.

I’m a little disappointed its turn based, but it still looks promising. Can’t wait for more info.

Front Mission series was turn based and it is still an bloody brilliant Mecha game. (minus Evolved, the less said about that game, the better.)

Not saying there’s anything wrong with it, I was just hoping for… a more AC-ish game.

Front Mission is a turn-based SRPG, while this just looks like a slightly more involved Mafia Wars type of social game. Huge difference between the two.

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