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Toys: VF-4G Lighnting III Announced

Posted on : 18-05-2012 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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This year’s Shizuoka Hobby Show is now in full swing. Among the many new items shown, with a mention of a Kagekiyo kit being pretty cool, is the reveal of Yamato’s next 1/60 scale variable fighter toy. Specifically that of the VF-4G Lightning III. The mecha itself has an interesting history, as it was originally (though very briefly) shown as a toy in the original Macross TV series. A more substantial display was then later included within Macross Flashback 2012. In both instances though the mecha was only shown in fighter mode. For years this produced all manner of speculation as to its transformation sequence, as well as what the battroid mode would actually look like. In 1995 the questions were answered as the variable fighter was featured (fully transformable) in Macross Digital Mission VF-X. Whilst the game was a steaming pile of bobbins (despite having a damn sexy intro) it did at least lay much of the fan inquiry to rest. Since then, the VF-4 has been a staple of pretty much every Macross game since. All that aside though, it’s one of our favourite designs from Macross and we’re so very happy that Yamato are doing the decent thing and making a toy out of it. No word or pricing or release date as yet but considering that the VF-4 was operationally rolled out in the Macross timeline around September 2012, expect Yamato to try and hit that date. Yamato also have a very nice page detailing the toy’s engineering in regards to its transformation. If you want to have a look at the rest of what the hobby show has on offer, then feast your eyes on this, this and this.


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That IS a good lookin’ Veritech.

Seeing it in that standard model grey tantalizes the imagination…ohhh the paint scheme possibilities.

Looks pretty awesome but I think I’ll pass. Yamato has a history of charging a lot for things with shoddy QC and I’d rather not end up with two halves of a $150+ toy. 1/60 YF-19, anyone?

Nice, but I really don’t like buying $100+ toys. I kind of can’t really understand how the market can even support the endless waves of super expensive stuff they put out.

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