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Toys: Pre-ordering starts for the White Dingo GM Sniper II

Posted on : 03-11-2010 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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As we suspected the White Dingo variant of the GM Sniper II is now available for pre-order as a Tamashii Web special purchase. Fear ye not though, as places like Tokyo Hunter are stocking the toy on your behalf (as Tamashii Web specials are Japan only purchases unfortunately). Considering how much we loved the recent GM Sniper II toy, we literally cannot wait for the White Dingo version as the Dreamcast game that birthed it is very close to our heart.


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Rise from the Ashes is by far one of my favorite games ever, period. As soon as I saw the GM Sniper II in Robot Damashii form I knew Bandai would eventually come out with a White Dingo color variation and I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be a Tamashii Web Exclusive too. That’s unfortunate, because I’d reallly like to get it. However, I hope that the toy comes with a normal ground type beam rifle as well as the 100 mm machine gun and a bazooka, since those are the weapons you could actually use in the game. As I’m sure you remeber, the Dingoes’ GM Sniper II could not use that big beam sniper rifle.

Maybe now they’ll come out with a Gelgoog G-type Robot Damashii like Visch Donahue uses in the last mission…

Not in the Dreamcast game, no. However, in subsequent games the long range beam rifle has become the standard armament for the White Dingo variant.

This toy was shown ages ago though, alongside the 0080 version, but it’s not until now that it was confirmed to be a Tamashii Web shop exclusive. You can still buy it through Tokyo Hunter though (I linked that above).

Joy, it’s what I’m filled with right the fuck now.

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