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Toys: Metal Robot Damashii Hi-Nu Gundam

Posted on : 25-01-2015 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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Courtesy of our good friends at HobbyLink Japan we’ve been sent the Metal Robot Damashii Hi-Nu Gundam as seen in the novel Beltorchika’s Children (one of the adaptations for Char’s Counterattack). In addition, we’ve also included some game footage of the mecha in action at the end of the review. This is a companion review to the original Robot Damashii figure.

If you read the previous review, then I won’t re-iterate the history of the Hi-Nu Gundam again. Suffice to say that this is one of my all time favourite mobile suits and this new Metal Robot Damashii version is pretty damn amazing.

Much like the previous toy, the general sculpt and gimmicks are nigh on identical. The big difference, bar the copious addition of diecast, is the change in detailing. Put simply, this is one of the newer Robot Damashii figures and as such means the detailing is much finer. Not only in terms of the paint job but also in the definition of the sculpt.

The diecast is placed primarily in the joints and gives the base figure a nice weighty feel. The torso also has some for the hip joint.

As toys of the Hi-Nu Gundam go, this is by far one of the nicest we’ve ever seen.

Toy: Metal Robot Damashii Hi-Nu Gundam
Price: 9,800 yen
Size/Weight: 30.3 x 19.2 x 8.0 cm / 590g
















Like the previous Robot Damashii, all the gimmicks remain. The big addition is that of a stand and that really helps to show the figure off. Especially as the new diecast joints hold poses even better now.

Again, the beam parts for the final funnels are absent, as are the additional stands to show them hovering. There are also a lot more decals now, from individually numbered fin funnels to very fine alpha numerical classifications.

The overall paint finish is also very nice, with a decent matte effect across the whole piece.

The best description of this figure is basically that of a deluxe Robot Damashii. Bandai haven’t just added diecast but redone the detailing as well as the overall finish for the toy. It’s interesting that Bandai chose this design first but if this is anything to go by, subsequent releases could be very special indeed.

So if you want pretty much the best toy of the Hi-Nu Gundam on the market right now, this is by far and away the main contender.






Comments (7)

Dear lord that is sexy

It so is!

Do metal build figrues have any weight issues? Like less posability or anything? Or are they pretty comparable to the plastic figures?

This was more poseable actually, as the metal joints are nicely sturdy. Didn’t notice any weight issues either.

Okay, thanks for the info.

Thanks for your review and the helpful information. There is a review on Youtube which mentioned some loose joints, e.g. the neck and the connection to the fin funnels. Is this the same for your figure?

I’ve not noticed that, the joints seem quite sturdy compared to the original RD figure.

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