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Toys: Metal Gear Ray Release Details

Posted on : 12-01-2014 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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We now finally have details on the release of threeA’s Metal Gear Ray toy. Released this August, the toy will cost around 46,000 yen (in terms of RRP, though you should be able to find it cheaper). This is a fair bit more than threeA’s Metal Gear Rex that was released at the end of 2012. If we’re honest, we were bitterly disappointed with the Rex toy. For one the colour scheme was entirely wrong, it had nonsensical blue LEDs everywhere and, most damning of all, it lacked any diecast. This absence of diecast, especially in the joints, meant that due to its size the toy was rather delicate (as joints have been reported to sheer clear off). Thankfully this new Ray toy has the right colour scheme but it still lacks any diecast in the joints from what we can make out. Considering the price tag, this oversight is still very unfortunate.


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I have three questions and I don’t mean them to be confrontational.
1.What wrong with REX’s paint scheme? It looks pretty much like it did in MGS1 & 4.

2. What is with you and diecast?

3. Whose the idiot playing with the joints without the tool that came with it? I own the 3A REX and it’s joints are as solid and unmoving as boulders. If you running around applying force improperly you only have yourself to blame.

1. It’s not the colour scheme from those games (neither are the lights for that matter).
2. Diecast metal is more resilient than most plastics, especially in high tension areas such as joints. Even Robot Damashii figures use metal in the joints.
3. Even with the tool there are reports of the joints sheering clear off.

There’s no green, yellow or lights in the PSone or GC games. There’s a bit of colour on the PS3 version but not to the extent that’s on the toy. It’s waaay overdone.

One could argue it needs a splash of color but then we would be getting into personal taste and the green looks awfully similar to the PS3 incarnation with the PS1 version actually needing some extra contrast to actually see the camouflage properly. It looks close enough to me.

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