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News: War for Cybertron Pre-Order Trailer

Posted on : 01-06-2010 | By : | In : News, Videos

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Possibly our favourite Transformer, Shockwave (aka Laserwave, Astro Magnum etc.), is getting offered as a pre-order bonus for GameStop customers who buy the upcoming Transformers: War for Cybertron. Now, we know this news isn’t that current but this trailer showing off the pre-order bonus in game (and suitably voiced) is rather wonderful – though much of that is also down to the music being used.

Shockwave is an interesting design as it mirrors much of the similarities to the cyclops monster seen in Ulysses 31, a series that Studio Nue also worked on. Whilst Nue also worked on Diaclone, the Japanese toy line that birthed Transformers as we know it, Shockwave was an interesting anomaly to that as the original “Astro Magnum” toy wasn’t made by Takara. Whoever penned the original toy design, and we’re inclined to think it may have been Kazutaka Miyatake, we’re suitably chuffed that the new game will feature the mecha.




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It looks like Transformers are forever stuck in the past and the fans just didn’t grow up, why so retarded? A mix of G1 and Bayformer’s scrap metal style isn’t innovation but an effortless repackaging strategy, just like how Hasbro cheats many TF fans out there. BORING

Hey now…the game isn’t even out yet–how can you make that call? Also, it’s High Moon Studios that’s developing this game–Hasbro is involved, but then again, they were the ones handling the Transformers franchise over here.

And these designs are NOT like the designs from Bay’s films. They are more closer to the original G1 designs.

Yes, I agree–some G1 fans haven’t grown up and are reduced to posting “Damn you Michael Bay!!” on Ain’t It Cool News talkback forums. But that’s no reason for you to come down like a ton of bricks on a game that isn’t even out yet. Most pre-order trailers of Gamestop are this cheesy, but this says nothing about the actual game itself.

Hey, if anything, rent it first and play it. Then you put the boot in if it sucks.

Michael Bay’s Transformer designs are understandably controversial. They may look fresh, but looking back, they’re an illustrator’s design nightmare as far as character design is concerned.

The designs are very jumbled up and the sihoulletes are not distinct enough. You can ONLY tell them apart from a certain distance. Too close and too far and they look like blobs of random, cluttered machinery.

On the other hand, the detail style of the MB designs is indeed something to marvel at, with each little part being interesting to look at, and the designs DO have a very kinetic feel to them, that it never stops moving even when the robot is static.

These designs on the other hand take the very best of G1 and the very best of the Michael Bay designs, and uses these elements to create some of the best looking Transformers designs in a while. It’s no wonder that already the fans and non fans has readily accepted these designs with cries of joy.

Agreed. Plus, as much as some anti-Bay types may want to grouse and moan and groan about it, a lot of the original G1 designs would _never_ have been translated properly to live action. Bay chose, well, ‘verisimilitude’ over literal translation.

Also…many of the designers and VFX staff who worked on both films were HUGE G1 fans.

I do like the designs for the game because they do combine G1 designs with some elements of the Bay films’ designs. Also…these were the Transformers before they came to Earth, so their robot and vehicle forms, while familiar, are still “alien”.

Works for me. Now I gotta play the game…

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