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News: Virtual On Released on PSN and XBLA

Posted on : 17-02-2013 | By : | In : News

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Without much of a fanfare at all, the original Virtual On was released on PSN and XBLA earlier this week. As forewarned, the release was indeed Japan only (for both platforms) but thankfully neither version was region locked. Meaning that if you have a Japanese account then you can buy and play either version just fine. In terms of the port, it’s not quite as thorough as the PS2 SEGA AGES release but it’s as pure. In that it lacks all the various options, such as widescreen and split-screen versus, but it does afford online multiplayer and system link version (though only for the 360 version on the latter). As for the online there are already plans for a tournament. Anyway, we can heartily recommend both ports of the classic arcade game and look forward to seeing our readers online.


Comments (6)

I hope this comes out here. I LOVE VO

Doubt they’ll bring it over, but would be nice.

So glad I have the PS2 version, the lack of splitscreen is a total dealbreaker.

I totally hear you but the online versus setup is awesome.

do you have any lag issues with online? I was trying to play with a buddy and there were some serious hiccups

-. –

Nah, both versions have been fine for me.

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