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News: Virtual On Force Screenshots

Posted on : 21-05-2010 | By : | In : News



Not long after the announcement that Virtual On Force will be hitting the 360 this Winter, 4Gamer have followed up with some very pretty HD shots of the game. This is also one of the main points that’s been made to the fans; the original game will be getting an HD facelift for the 360 port. Admittedly, like with Oratan 5.66, the textures and engine won’t be radically changed, so for those hoping for a full graphical update then this port will disappoint.

The other interesting element I forgot to mention is that this is not a digital download game but instead a full boxed title. Which is a curious choice on the part of SEGA after Marz bombed.


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Hmmm…a full boxed title huh? Well, that sounds all right to me, since my 360 isn’t hooked up to get DLC.

You are right about this being a curious direction on SEGA’s part after the failure of MARZ, but perhaps this will do much better. At any rate, the images look wonderful, and as a VO fan, I’m very interested to see how things go for this release….

I hope the boxing of this title represents a strong vote of confidence on SEGA’s part. That might mean more VO-related work in the future (or at least more focus on MSBS updates for a while).

I think Sega proably chose to make this a full release because they realized that if people were willing to pay $400 for Hori’s controler (and raking in 30x as much profit as Sega from each unit sold) obviously Sega wasn’t charging anywhere near enough Gates Points for this thing.

I was reading through your old article about VO, and I’m puzzled about something you’ve mentioned a couple of times here. You keep saying how the Twin Stick gives you more faster control specifically because the levers are so long.

I have a couple sets of the SS Twinsticks, and they are pretty short throw, but the throw would be even shorter if the levers were shorter. The short throw is due to the design of the switches in the base. Long levers give you slower inputs, not faster. That’s just physics. I guess I just don’t get what you are saying?

This explains the reasoning behind the necessity for TwinSticks with the Virtual On games very eloquently:

OK, that was a nice long article there telling me stuff I already know. I do own Twinsticks, as I said above. SS ones with DC adaptors. VOOT is, IMO, utterly unplayable without them.

What I don’t get is this,

“The important part of the twinstick setup was at the base of each stick. However, to limit as much of an input deadzone as possible the stick was lengthened to take advantage of its leverage. So the player only needed to register a small movement with the sticks and the leverage would amplify that to the already sensitive electronics at the base. Basically, a very low-tech solution for a then cutting edge problem.”

Lengthening the stick, in this universe at least, does not limit the deadzone, it amplifies it. If a TS had a lever twice as long as standard, the dead zone would be twice as big. This is just…life.

I think what you might be basically getting at, kind of, is that the stick’s throw is so short that even at the end of the stick an experienced player only needs to move his wrists. I totally get this, but “leverage” doesn’t give you a shorter throw, it gives you a LONGER throw but more force. The reason the dead zone isn’t gigantic is because of the switch design.

The leverage does affect the throw surely? That’s basic physics.

Basic physics: a longer lever increases force on what you are moving, and in return you need to move the end of the lever further than you are moving the object.

Therefore, the longer stick means you have to move the stick further to actuate the switch. The dead zone is made larger, not smaller, because of the longer lever. The small dead spot on a TS is thanks to the switch design, not the lever length. The lever length makes it larger. If you were to lengthen the stick by another 2 feet the dead spot would be enormous.

I don’t know how to explain this incredibly simple concept in a simpler way.

Maybe something got lost in the translation and we are talking about the length of the stick INSIDE the base, the part that touches the switches (on the other end of the fulcrum)? That would make sense.

Well, the original text refers to the base of the stick in regards to how the leverage affected the micro switches and talking of translation. The original Japanese literature (from the team that made the cabinet no less) refer to the affect of levers (or 梃子) specifically on the base of the stick and the switches. I was only referencing that.

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