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News: Turn A Gundam Western Release

Posted on : 24-07-2010 | By : | In : News

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After ten years, it finally seems that Turn A Gundam is coming to the West. As Bandai Entertainment plan to bring the 50 episode anime series to Western shores in the coming future, whether this will encompass the two movies as well remains to be seen. Since its release in Japan Turn A has become a cult series, due in part to the somewhat bizarre and originally very controversial mecha design, penned by none other by Syd Mead. Over the years these designs have grown on the fanbase and many know appreciate the fact that series was very much ahead of its time. From the gorgeous score by Yoko Kanno to the deft characterisation and narrative from a calmer Yoshiyuki Tomino, Turn A is a series that is quite a mature and thoughtful work. The fact that it will finally receive a Western release is good news indeed, though arguably a tad overdue.

Unsurprisingly, Turn A has graced multiple games over the years. From Super Robot Wars Z to the Gundam Musou games as well as Another Century’s Episode 3 not to mention the Gundam Vs games, the SYSTEM ∀-99 (WD-M01) ∀ Gundam has made its mark on gaming in recent years. Due to the immense potency in the anime though, it’s a problematic unit in terms of games design; as an attack that can wipe out all technology via nano-machines is a bit tricky to implement in a functional sense. The gaming connections of this series also span to the character design too, as Yasuda Akira (or “Akiman”) was one of the original designers on Street Fighter II, amongst many other Capcom games. He went to work with Tomino again on the brilliant Overman King Gainer, which even featured a protagonist who was an ardent gamer.


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This is great news! I do hope we get the full works along with an affordable price. PS, Didn’t Turn A also appear in SRW Alpha Gaiden?

Finally, I’m really glad to hear this.

Good to hear…sorta. How many years will pass between this announcement and the actual DVD/BR? (see: Z Gundam: A New Translation)

Now this is some great news.

Of course, it may take a while, but…I’m patient.

That’s all well and good but… when are we gonna get our ZZ and V? :S

Who can say, ReV? Perhaps there are plans, but you have to remember that GUNDAM has not made as big an impact in America as, say, NARUTO.

That’s not to say that anime fans or the general public in general are idiots for not embracing GUNDAM, but the francise–especially the UC era stories–are kind of a hard sell precisely because of the many titles that make it up.

What I’m trying to say is that while I would love to see all things GUNDAM hit the US like the proverbial tsunami I’m satisfied that we have gotten as much over here. And I’m equally looking forward to seeing TURN A finally make it to American shores.

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