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News: Super Robot Wars Z 3 Tengoku-hen Announced

Posted on : 13-12-2014 | By : | In : News, Videos

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Following on from the excellent Jigoku-hen released earlier this year, Bandai Namco announced Super Robot Wars Z 3 Tengoku-hen to be released on both PS3 and Vita next April. To accompany this announcement we’ve also been graced with a nice long promo video (shown below). In it we see new series like Gargantia and Gunbuster 2 are now included in the game’s roster but we are still blown away by how crazy nice the Zeta Gundam animations still are. Orguss is also back (as seen above) and that’s just great in and of itself really. The lack of Final Dancouga is somewhat saddening though.

In addition to the main game, for those that buy Tengoku-hen at launch they will also get a separate downloadable sidestory game called Rengoku-hen. This features characters from previous Super Robot Wars Z instalments over 15 unique missions. Most importantly of all, this won’t be available as a separate download at any point.


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I seriously hope this isn’t all for Z3.2’s cast. Terada mentions shedding off ‘finished’ stories, yet we got Sousei here and Evol if you want to be blunt about those. Mazinger and Armageddon I kinda get. Same with the UCs’ since they still got Neo Zeon to deal with. It just feels like… something’s missing…?

I suspect they’ll be saving Final Dancuga for the 2nd PV – Given that they’re bringing back some of the series that had been on previous games but didn’t make an appearance in 3.1 (Aquarion for example). They also still need to do a reveal for their originals so the full cast wont have been shown yet 🙂

Yeah usually they show 1-3 more series during the 2nd PVs as I remember. Or units we didn’t expect.

I’m still baffled how they plan to make Suisei no Gargantia work in this. I just watched the whole series in one day, and it really don’t have that many battle missions.

Sadly I already see where this is headed: “Blue” Earth, the one we all know as ‘our’ Earth (and the one Z3.1 occurs on), is simply another world humans settled on. “Green” Earth is the original Earth, from the very first Era of the Z-Universe story (Not Z1, but a previous ‘era’ of time), and humanity left it after the first “Black History” (Wherein the Baal first struck).

As far as I know they’ve never revealed additional series. Due to the licensing/copyright stuff they have to announce them all at once.

When you consider how much they held back for the first part, I don’t think this second half is going to be boring. There will be many new units and upgraded “2nd season” stuff.

Its true, I would have liked to have seen more classic series, but this game is going to soar. I’m sure of it. The potential for both Aim for the Top!s alone is worth $70.

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