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News: Super Robot Wars UX Update

Posted on : 11-01-2013 | By : | In : News




There’s a quick update over at Famitsu for the upcoming Super Robot Wars UX. Featuring Mazinkaiser SKL (pictured above) as well as Tobikage, the game does look pretty dated compared to the recent PSP offerings. We’ll still be getting this obviously, along with the limited edition 3DS too most likely, but we do feel that Banpresto are milking the GBA/DS tech and assets a bit far here.


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I don’t know how they can make such an awesome game like Saisei hen for the PSP, an old handheld and such a crappy game for the new 3DS.

I dunno, the PSP is a stronger machine than the 3ds, at least so far (meaning the 3ds has not been fully explored), also saisei-hen pushes the psp to its limits with lots of big fat loading from what I heard. It’s still an awesome game and I still believe UX could have better graphics/etc. But I think it’s unfair comparing it to saiseii-hen

The PSP games have virtually zero loading if you use the install option. It would be super masochistic not to. MX didn’t have this option, but there are still ways to do it.

I don’t think we really know how good the 3DS could be at things like this. It seems like it should be able to do what the PSP does, the top screen is nice, the cards are huge, the sound is CD quality. We don’t really know though as there aren’t exactly a huge number of 2D games for it (or games in general).

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