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News: Super Robot Wars UX Announced

Posted on : 12-12-2012 | By : | In : News, Videos




The brand new Super Robot Wars UX has been announced for release next year on the 3DS. This will be the first Super Robot Wars game to grace the system and it has a pretty interesting roster of series in it. From the return of Dunbine, which we’re very happy about, we’ll also be getting Wings of Rean too. The last time this series was featured was during the last two Another Century’s Episode games on the PS2. We love the anime dearly, as well as the novels that semi-birthed it. So to have these wonderful and unique aura battlers in a new game is just great. Following on from that we also have Mazinkaiser SKL and Heroman included, along with the Hatsune Miku Fei-Yen. The latter being interesting as she’s not really part of the Virtual On canon (yet). There is also an official PV (shown below) that’s been released. On the latter, it’s clear that the game is still using the engine, sprites and many of the animations from the GBA and DS era. This is a big shame, as the recent PSP games looked amazing and the 3DS is a more powerful system (so would be able to handle the same thing with relative ease). That aside, the game will also feature DLC, full voice over audio and receive its own special limited edition 3DS LL. The game will be released March 14th next year and cost 7,140 yen.




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Hm..hard to know if I should pull the trigger on this. On one hand it has SKL and also (WTF?) BB warriors in it. At the same time, its kind of cheap looking. The 3DS is able to do a lot more than this. Some of these sprites are almost a decade old.

And its for 3DS, which is region locked meaning it will cost me $400 to play this. I think I’ll pass. Maybe, MAYBE, if it had real Gundam series in it or Gunbuster or something.

Its not uncommon for Bandai to crank out a stinker to test the viability of a platform. Hopefully that’s what this is and we get something hotter next time.

Now we wait and see what the Vita series is going to look like. I’d rather have an excuse to get a Vita than have to buy another 3DS just to play a budget SRW.

Welcome back Dunbine!

Also, as much as I love Dunbine, I found the Rean anime extremely difficult to sit through. Did you guys really love it?

The Wings of Rean anime is kinda interesting, but honestly, if it were much longer I’d go mad trying to sit through it.
I’m actually quite happy the A wakening of the Trailblazer is in, as the ELS open up all kinds of neat opportunities for stage design. But they probably won’t do anything that cool with it.

I loved Rean, wished the series had been a lot longer.

Maybe its just that I’m looking at it on a large screen, but that actually looks worse than the old DS titles…. to me anyways. I swear K looked crisper than that. Maybe I’m remembering it through rose tinted glasses.

The cut-ins are higher res but as SignOfZeta, said some of the sprites look horrendously dated. Maybe they’re cutting graphical quality to squeeze the voices in? Anyone know what the actual data capacity on a 3DS cart is?

That video is really low quality, and as with all SRW promos its cropped so you don’t even get the most of the quality it has.

I don’t remember the 3DS max cart size, but I’m sure its way bigger than a UMD. Storage isn’t the issue, its budget. They can store tens of thousands of frames of animation, but who will draw them?

Good point. 2D sprite work is a lot more time consuming and expensive than a lot of people think! I’m not sure how many serparate project teams they have at Banpresto, or if they have staff who float between projects, but if its anything like studios I know of they could have pulled most of their staff on to OGS2 up til recently, then allowed them to move back onto other projects once it went to Sony for test. I’ll hold my judgement until the next PV and see how that looks.

It saddens me that the concept of SRW doesn’t get me rock hard anymore. Each entry gets better and better animations yet I find less and less series I’m interested. Maybe I’m just too old…

nothing gets you rock hard forever I’m afraid

Suprised about Heroman getting in. I thought it was a bit of a flop in terms of ratings. I know there have been human sized units in some games but has there ever been an in-between size like heroman? I wonder if his Augment ability will just be a canned attack or a transformation status.

I think they are grasping at straws. Modern mecha shows are as rare as they are garbage so they have to try everything.

The weirdest thing in here is the BB stuff. That could be its own game (has been).

Dunno about that, I think Heroman was picked as a favour to Bones to help shift some of the DVDs and other merchandise in Japan. The series did poorly and SRW is often use to revitalise IP. The reason we have so much Layzner and Dragonar stuff now is to do with the ACE games on PS2. So this kind of cross promotion from games does work.

Works for me. Heroman was fun throwback to saturday morning type of entertainment for me so I’d love to see interest pick up. I don’t want to see Bones be a liar with the “To be continued” at the end of the last ep.

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