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News: Super Robot Wars anime in production

Posted on : 12-07-2010 | By : | In : News


A somewhat disgruntled Satoshi Kubo recently mentioned that a new Super Robot Wars anime is on the way and that he’s not working on the project due to the involvement of one Masami Obari (pictured above with the Max Gohkin Dragonar 1). Despite Kubo’s somewhat petulant demeanour, the news of an Obari helmed super robot show is most welcome. As Obari has pretty much encapsulated the “hero spirit” in much of his mecha designs. Admittedly, he’s faltered somewhat in recent years as Dancouga Nova was pretty underwhelming, especially compared to the brilliant original. In any case, a new Super Robot Wars anime normally heralds a big game release and a proper 2D PS3 or 360 game is long overdue (XO doesn’t count, as that was effectively a GameCube port). That said, we just want Obari to go back and pitch Dai Mazinger again.

Update: It appears that a new SRW game on the PS3 may surface at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which ties in with the release of this new anime quite nicely.


Comments (6)

New SRW anime? Yay!

Helmed by Obari? Yaaaaaaaayy!!!

I’m one of the few people who really really loved Gravion so this is great news to me, hope it’s a tie-in with the new PS3 SRW, hopefully OG3. Obari is one man who can do me and Lamia justice~

Obari is kinda fascinating…certainly a rogue, in his choices and evolution of production, to be sure. Cool mecha designs, but do we like his character designs? I’m not sure I do anymore.

Personally, I preferred OG2’s story to OG, so I’ll be particularly happy if they are adapting that game into animation, despite my overall negative opinion of the heavy CGI look of Divine Wars.

Also, SRW on PS3? Perhaps I have finally been proven wrong in believing that they would avoid the PS3 with the SRW series. Then again, if it is OG, it really still fits with my personal theory, regardless of how awesome it might be.

bout damn time a new SRW for the HD consoles come up, to hell with all those old ports! we want new stuff!

Guau, excelente noticia, ya se me esta haciendo agua la boca por degustar de una nueva entrega de esta exitosa serie.


Masami Obari is alive! And he’s doing stuff! It’s like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one!

I for one love his character designs, the more stylized, the better (Virus Buster Serge is an all-time fave). Not too thrilled with his robot designs, but they’re pretty bad ass most of the time. Will definitely watch the hell out of this thing. A game would be most welcome as well.

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