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News: Steel Chronicle Ver 3.0 Update

Posted on : 30-05-2012 | By : | In : News



The surprisingly decent Steel Chronicle will be receiving a new update today. Not only including new mecha, from high mobility and heavy firepower types, to all manner of balancing changes. We did get a chance to play this last year and whilst it’s no Border Break, it’s actually pretty good nonetheless. Definitely inspired by Border Break, it also has a strong Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star Online vibe about it too. No word of a console release but it’s at least making money for Konami. If you’re curious about seeing the game in action and don’t mind excitable Japanese narration then Konami have uploaded a bunch of HD videos of the game for your enjoyment.


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That’s a rather cool looking mech, also rather heavy on the gundam-envy (with the red shoes).

Oh totally, I’m pretty sure they even hired some Gundam mecha designers for the concept art.

Damn, now I’m really regretting I didn’t try this while I was in Japan.

The lead-in pic just makes me wish there was a Monster Hunter type game with mechs you could customize.

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