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News: Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Is Perfectly Fine

Posted on : 26-02-2012 | By : | In : News



At a recent display of upcoming Kinect games in Japan, a slew of titles have finally been properly revealed (notably that of the Panzer Dragoon-esque Crimson Dragon, which looks to be pretty exciting). However, whilst the production team for Steel Battalion Heavy Armor where present the demo they showed was the same as last year’s TGS. Doing their best to stress the fact that the game is perfectly fine, it seems that it very likely isn’t. Bear in mind that this is a joint venture between Capcom and From Software so the recent releases of Dark Souls, Armored Core V and soon Gundam Unicorn means that From Software’s resources have clearly been stretched pretty thin already. Hopefully this is more Capcom trying to take time to help From Software get things right, as Bandai Namco have had a habit of rushing the developer resulting in a fair few cut corners (the respective framerate issues in both Dark Souls and Armored Core V are very clearly testament to that). That or they’re having trouble showing the underside of a vertical tank’s foot?


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Its gonna suck and everybody knows it. It seems like even they know it sucks.

Thing about this gaming gen however, hell the world in general at this point, seems to be if you say something wont suck enough times people will believe it.

I have a bad felling about this SB… Maybe I’m wrong but, I think junji okubo VT’s was more representavie of SB atmosphere.
SB in WW2 universe… Wait and See.

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