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News: Reborns Gundam added to Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost

Posted on : 25-05-2012 | By : | In : News, Videos



In a nice new update on May 29th, Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost will have the suitably villainous CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam added to the playable roster. Due to its Tau drive config, it can only activate its Trans-Am system once. Though we still love the fact that Ribbons Allmark’s voice actor was none other than Tohru Furuya. Basically this chap has been the iconic voice of Amuro Ray in the classic Gundam series, so to have him play the villain in a new Gundam series was really rather delicious. Separately, when Ribbons and Amuro face off in the recent Saisei-hen they have some pretty cool dialogue together too (as it’s the same actor). In any case, the Reborns Gundam was always a potent unit and it’s no surprise that it has the 3000 point cost tag in Full Boost.


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Comments (3)

Tohru Furuya rules!

Love him in anything that he plays, though I’ll always identify him as Amuro because of that unique flavor of voice acting he has.

However, I’ll honestly admit that it took me quite a bit for me to realize that he was the voice behind Ribbons aswell.

Reborns was great in Next Plus; this time around it looks to be able to stay in Cannon form indefinitely, as well as having infinite Gaga assists via Charge Shot. Really look forward to seeing this guy in action.

PS., it looks like the next unlock will be the MS-08TX[EXAM] Efreet Kai from The Blue Destiny.

Im one of the odd Gundam fans , who will recognise that voice more from his role as Kaskue Koyoske (sp) in Kimigure Orange in the 80’s .

Sure am glad to hear of another non- Extreme VS DLC unit was added to the sequel. Hoping for the Oh Gundam next.

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