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News: Quan[T] added to Gundam Extreme Versus

Posted on : 15-07-2011 | By : | In : News



4Gamer has the scoop on a new update to Gundam Extreme Versus next week on the 20th July. Whilst it features the wonderfully evil XM-X2 (F97) Crossbone Gundam X-2 Kai, piloted by the suitably toffee nosed Zabine Chareux, the update will also include the somewhat controversial GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]. Controversial in the sense that the Quan[T]’s main functional remit is to make conflict redundant, through mutual telepathic understanding via sparkly green fairy dust. How this will be implemented in the arcades remains to be seen but we expect a logarithmic increase in hugging and love-ins post matches involving the new suit. Either way both new suits look lovely in-game and we’re seriously losing our minds over the lack of a home console port.


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Here’s how I would handle it. When the Qan[T] going into Trans-Am Mode, a message pops up onscreen informing each player that “You are all winners!”, instantly ending the match. Ribbons Almark and Ali-al Saachez then tell the players that real winners also do not use drugs.

Players’ quarters are not refunded.

And now they’ll add Devil Gundam to balance it a little more. 😛

Now soriously, it’s nice that they continue adding suits to the game instead of launching a port and create a bag of DLCs. But at least they should officially announce a port…

When they run out of timed releases they’ll soon announce the port.

“Controversial in the sense that the Quan[T]‘s main functional remit is to make conflict redundant, through mutual telepathic understanding via sparkly green fairy dust.”

Looks like someone never understood or watched the movie properly. 00 Qan[T]’s maine function was to destroy the ELS, but Setsuna requested it to also have Communication abilities as chose to understand with the ELS rather than fight.

Wait,someone watched the movie?

Hence the “Main Function” part of the article… destroying things is usually already the main function of an MS, the special function which carries the name of the suit itself was not designed to kill ELS. So the artice is indeed explanitory of the units postion in the game.

Either way the game is made by a company, and people like the suit, that means there is money to be made and they will find a way to fit it into the game fairly at least for the fans’ sake.

Home ports of the GvG game are always announced after all the time release units are done, it might be coming sooner then we think!

I thought it was built to transform into a huge flower?

The Qan[T] was under development even before the ELS revealed themselves, although their arrival likely sped the complete rollout. And while the mobile suit was built as a weapon, they were also aware of the telepathic effects of the Twin Drive system and Setsuna’s status as an Innovator, so the suit was built to take advantage of that telepathic effect specifically. Celestial Being’s raison d’etre is to prevent conflict in the first place, and if they can do that without actual armed interventions, then that takes precedence.

The fact that it can fight off Moon-sized enemies is a bonus, for sure, but Celestial Being’s armed interventions were always targeted towards small-scale missions that were as specific as possible. In fact, the beginning of the movie has Setsuna in a Flag, sans any GN Device, because they’re trying to keep a low profile. Unveiling the Qan[T] as a military weapon would just create a new arms race between them and the new Earth Federation.

I’m hoping maybe the 00 Quan[T] can use it’s sparkly, quantum mechanics manipulating superpowers to let Bandai Namco know that the players want a home port.

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