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News: Project Nimbus Early Access Announced

Posted on : 04-11-2014 | By : | In : News, Videos




We’ve known about Project Nimbus for a good while but have not really been covering it. Partly because most Kickstarters don’t amount to much but also we weren’t sure about it either. However, as of November 5th the game will be available via Early Access on Steam. This will include the first four story chapters among other things. Now we’re not a fan of Early Access on principle, as really games should only be released once they are finished, but we’re happy to see that these guys have managed to get this far. In any case, the game looks to be very much inspired by the likes of Armored Core For Answer and is also aerial based. If you are at all curious then the early access trailer is shown below.


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First time I’m hearing about Project Nimbus, but if it’s inspired by AC4 then I’m totally game. For Answer is probably my favourite Armored Core game and AC5 just didn’t have the same feel, not to imply it wasn’t a good game in its own right though. 🙂

Im def keeping my Eye on this one, good looking out mecha damashii!

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