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News: Nineball Seraph in ACE:R

Posted on : 21-08-2010 | By : | In : News, Videos

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One of the most terrifying opponents in From Software’s series of Armored Core games is the ultimate incarnation of Nineball, that of Nineball Seraph. First introduced as the final boss in Armored Core Master of Arena, it was one of the first transforming antagonists seen in the series. However when Seraph reappeared in Armored Core 2 Another Age, as a secret boss, this was when its reputation as a brutal opponent surfaced. Colloquially known as “jetboy” amongst the Western gaming throng, Seraph would obliterate almost everyone that tried to face it in combat.

It seems that Nineball Seraph has finally made it into the just released Another Century’s Episode R, though with a few minor modifications admittedly (with the shoulders being notable). This would be the first time, since the original Another Century’s Episode, that a From Software mecha made it into the series (as the last was a Cloudbreaker from the Xbox game Murakumo). Whether this is a playable unit remains to be seen though. In other news, the wonderful Hi-Nu Gundam has been confirmed as a secret unlock in the game as well, this would mark the unit’s current generation debut in an action game. In any case, we’ve linked the video of Seraph’s introduction below as well as its appearances in Armored Core.






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Told you

Ouch so the most infamous Raven or Armored core makes it’s apperance in the ACE R (I shows you that banpresto can put armored core into the massive mecha crossover games)

I have to say, it surprises me that it took four games to get an iconic AC into the ACE series, particularly Nineball. But in any case, I’m mostly glad that From Software managed to keep a few surprises under wraps until the game launched, with a number of hidden units like the X1 Full Cloth or the Hi-Nu. Now, I’m just wondering what’s taking my copy so long to get here. Must be from me going with cheap shipping.

Kinda weird that there is such a major glitch in the game though, but it would just take the fun out of the game to exploit it.

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