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News: DLC update for Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost

Posted on : 07-01-2014 | By : | In : News




Namco Bandai has updated the Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost console site with a new page detailing upcoming PS3 DLC. This includes pilot costume changes (300 yen each), new HUDs (100 yen each), and navigators (350 yen each). Two more units will also be added as free DLC as well. Joining the roster will be Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II (2000 cost) and a Lacus Clyne controlled Infinite Justice (1000 cost). These two come as a surprise to us as they have not been part of any rumor mills regarding possible DLC suits for the game. Also, Lacus’ Infinite Justice will come with new moves and apparently a Strike Freedom assist as well. Hopefully we will hear more about the game’s additions as the release date comes to a close at the end of this month.


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You really shouldn’t be citing Gamefaqs on a site like this.

Edit: ‘specially when it cites a source that does not cite a source

Yeah, I saw these earlier today but it’s just that mechadamashii didn’t have those earlier today either and gamefaqs is a REALLY iffy source.

300Y for a PILOT COSTUME?? That’s freaking insane.

That’s exploitation of the fanbase.

Cause you know out of the 300k or more who buy the game, 3000 at least will be hardcore enough to want it.

Very pricey costume changes…..

In yen that’s not that much, it’s just that the dollar is still weak against it. To put it into perspective, one arcade “credit” here is 100 yen. To buy one of the game cards, that track your progress (like Bana Passport) that’s 300 yen. It’s in the same ballpark really.

Well its for each costume though. if you bought only one, yeah not so bad… but it would add up quickly with many more. I just want Loran to not be naked…

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