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News: Macross in PlayStation Home

Posted on : 13-02-2011 | By : | In : News



As part of a rather nifty Japanese campaign, PS3 owners that watch at least 6 episodes of various Macross series via the Home video theatres will be rewarded with a new piece of furniture for their apartment in Home; the SDF-1. This being the SDF-1 from the first Macross TV series, as it sports both the Daedalus and Prometheus as arms. That said there are a few elements of the model that bear a closer resemblance to that of the movie version, notably around the “feet” and the tips of the main cannon. Considering that the movie version was rebuilt from a Meltran Gun Destroyer, rather than the Supervision Army variant as in the series, this mix and mash of elements is most curious. In any case, the fact you can have a fully transformable Macross in Home is pretty neat. Thankfully there is also a real world option too if you are so inclined, albeit a bit smaller. This campaign started a few days ago and will finish on March 16th, so get watching while you can.


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Are the videos free to watch?


No, no, no Cacophanus, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s neither a Meltran Gun Destroyer nor a Supervision Army ship, it’s actually the battlefortress that Zor hid the Protoculture Matrix in, to keep it away from the Robotech Masters.

I don’t know what TV show you’re getting this confused with, but whatever it is, it’s definitely not the classic Americanime “Robotech: The Macross Saga.”


Don’t worry kids, Tollmaster’s just having a laugh.

Maybe we should baptize him “Trollmaster” instead, hmm?

Urge to delete his post… rising!

Really? I thought it was the legendary Alus?

Or that thing Giant X put in the center of their Otaku Land.

Gotta love Google chrome for being able to translate Kanji to English without issue so that the linked page was actually readable.

Seen Macross II eps 1-2 so far on it. The quality is pretty good and they maintain the aspect ratio.
However … what is UP with connections to and from Japan always being slower than towards the rest of the world? I’ve wondered this before … i’m in Amsterdam (having made a Japan PSN account a while ago) on a optic fiber connection 120mbit down 8 mbit up. And caching an episode easily takes 10 to 15 whole minutes. And that’s no matter if I log on when it’s night time in Tokyo to avoid traffic. It’s just really frustrating moving around the Japanese PS home environment with loading of area’s also taking ages.

I know how you feel, Dordrecht over here (Rotterdam area).

Loading times are crazy on my humble 30MB/s connection.

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