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News: Macross in Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Posted on : 13-03-2012 | By : | In : News

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In a rather cool move to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Macross this year, Bandai Namco will be releasing some new DLC for Ace Combat Assault Horizon with some F-14D’s made up with the livery from Hikaru Ichijoe’s VF-1J and Roy Focker’s VF-1S. What’s especially lovely about this is that the F-14 was in fact the base by which Shoji Kawamori penned the original VF-1 series of variable fighters in the first Macross. So to have F-14D’s made up like this brings a nerdy tear to our eye. Naturally, these jets don’t transform but both will be available (as a set) on March 21st for either 600 yen (PS3) or 400 MSP (360).


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That’s awesome!

…Too bad the game itself was kind of a let-down compared to the gameplay of previous, PS2 era Ace Combats. But an F-14 done up like a VF-1S is pretty cool.

Additionally, Roy Fokker’s Black and Yellow skull squadron’s paint scheme and tail artwork is an ACTUAL F-14 squadron in the United States Navy, so I imagine this is also a weird, accidental nod to the Navy’s own “Skull Squadron” 😀

Yup–nailed the facts on the real-life VF-84 squadron.

Really wish that this DLC would be available in the US, but…

My thoughts on AC:AH are mixed. I did like it, but found that it was a bit of a chore to play sometimes. However, I felt it was not as good as the previous AC game.

Still…this is nice. And a reminder that MACROSS is turning the big 3-0 this year (gad, I’m getting old!!).

Having the mach 5 YF-19, YF-25/29 would be a little bit of game balance breaker now would it 😉

Also worth a mention is that thanks to the colour customization feature in the game especially with the VF-1S scheme we can recreate nearly of the colour schemes from DYRL and the PS2 Macross Game that we all love.

Really now? And when will you be able to transform into Gerwalk and Battroid in this game? When will they introduce the transformation concept in an Ace Combat game? Wouldn’t that make for a superior VF mechamorphysics engine in the hands of Team Project Aces? Please Studio Nue, let them have full rein of your IP!

While I’m a huge fan of Project Aces I’m quite torn who would do a Macross game justice.
AM2’s effort is what I hope Project Aces takes hints from in how to approach it.
Artdinks controller scheme works really well giving GERWALK and Battroid the extra functionality they deserve.

Yes, I agree Studio Nue should go out on a limb and let Project Aces have a go.

Project Aces already got the feel of simulating outer-space drift physics in a stage in AC3-Electrosphere. They just need to tweak it a little so as not to alienate players who may find that sort of thing impossibly challenging. Now they just need to learn how to make an over-the-shoulder shooter and VTOL simulator.

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