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News: Macross 30 Controls and Sub-Quests

Posted on : 19-12-2012 | By : | In : News




Over at Famitsu we have a bunch of new things revealed for the upcoming Macross 30. From in-game shots of the YF-30 in all three modes (shown above) that make it look more like a fighter-bomber with a dedicated missile pod array, to all manner of detail on the Sub-Quests. These are the open world missions you can undertake, which range from item collection to killing lots of things dead. If we’re honest, these don’t sound overly interesting. What does sound interesting though are the controls, which will have two modes; the classic PSP setup and a new one that allows for more precise aiming. To the extent it almost sounds like they have a dual analogue control setup for battroid mode. This might explain the slower gameplay, as manual look based combat definitely has an upper threshold of game speed before it just becomes impossible. Games like Armored Core get around this by having a weapon lock-on that helps with doing the finer enemy tracking for you. Following on from that there will also be an option to have your difficulty automatically adjusted to how you play, though you can still pick the fixed difficulties too thankfully. There’s also some stuff about the limited edition variable fighter skins, though these look utterly dire so the less said about them the better.


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Lets pray for high drop rates.

Glad I didn’t feel the need to preorder the LE, those skins are hideous. I was afraid I might be missing out on an actual nice paint scheme, not a digital version of the awful Ranka/Sheryl plane models.

Yeah, I’m not bothering with the LE at all.

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