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News: Lost Planet 2 Released

Posted on : 11-05-2010 | By : | In : News

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The much anticipated Lost Planet 2 has been released today in Europe and the US (the Japanese release will follow next week). This is the sequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition released way back in 2006, a game which bore many thematic similarities to Robert A Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. Due to the player having to battle large insect aliens, called Akrid, in a variety of mecha. We will be reviewing the game shortly as well as covering the new Kotobukiya toys on their release, so keep an eye out for that.


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Hey, so this game is getting pretty lackluster reviews -what do you think so far? I know it’s a little early to have a fully formed opinion but I’m interested to know what you think as a 80’s real robot guy/ game designer.

It’s good thus far, interesting campaign setup – as it’s built around a core multiplayer approach. I think the lackluster reviews are on account of the game’s smaller PR/marketing budget compared to the first entry.

I’m splitting hairs, here, but I have to take exception to your comparison of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition to Starship Troopers’ novel version. While Starship Troopers’ effects on the Real Robot genre cannot be denied, the mecha in Lost Planet are very dissimilar to the novel’s powered armor, which were extremely mobile through the use of long jumps powered by thrusters, and were capable of controlling square miles of territory through sheer firepower. The mecha of Lost Planet are more limited in their firepower and movement, which is fitting given their invention in-canon is based on space construction suits (somewhat like Mobile Suit Gundam’s mythos, really).

Mobile Suit Gundam’s mecha are probably a bit closer to the mecha of Starship Troopers, as we can see the Gundam “flying” through jumping and the application of thrusters over large amounts of territory, an ability that even makes its way into the name of the OP’s theme song, “Tobe Gundam” (“Fly, Gundam”).

The Akrid are also a lot closer to the Bugs of the Starship Troopers movie than they are to the Bugs of the novel. While the Akrid definitely do have the subterranean aspects of the novel version’s Bugs, the Bugs of the novel are definitely an intelligent, technological species, while the Akrid are more like (very cool looking) giant monsters.

(For those of you confused by the above, the novel version of Starship Troopers is very different from the movie version, and the titular Troopers in the novel wear powered armor, often equipped with limited-power nuclear weapons and jets capable of “bouncing” over miles of territory, rather than being the cannon fodder of Starship Troopers’ movie. Supposedly, the movie was actually called something else entirely before someone noticed a similarity between some aspects of the proposed movie and novel.)

Seems like that is splitting hairs. It’s dude’s in robots killing space bugs.

To be fair, Tollmaster has a point; the original novel isn’t a literal fit to the setup in Lost Planet but the team behind the game used the novel (as well as the Studio Nue anime) as an inspiration. The VS in Lost Planet are much closer to mecha though, compared to the power armor seen in Starship Troopers. A lot of that also stems from shows like VOTOMS apparently.

Ohhhh, I love me some Robert A. Heinlein.
I read Starship Troopers years ago, and I’m currently listening to the audio book.
Such a great book… if a little bland.

My favorite part is still the very first of the book, where Rico is describing ship maneuvering.

As for LP2, haven’t played it beyond the demo, but I own the special edition of the first game and plan on getting this one.

All I want to know is what the single player campaign is like? is there an actual story? I hope its not the case of me being stuck with 3 dumb AI players going through random missions, and no I dont like teaming up with random people online to play through a single player campaign.

Im interested to see the reviews of this, I havent seen any yet.

I’m pretty sure the campaign is online only.

Well, no. There is a singleplayer game and it can be played offline (you just have three AI players help you out). Our review will probably be in a week or two.

ah, ok.

Don’t let the reviews scare you away, this game is good! Though some of the offline missions are broken by the terrible AI. Giant train gun level -I’m looking at you.
Teaming up with random folks isn’t too bad either 😀

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