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News: Level 5 working on new Gundam anime

Posted on : 09-06-2011 | By : | In : News


Over at Anime News Network they have the scoop on what the silhouetted Gundam is for. Sadly, it’s not for a home port of Gundam Extreme Versus but instead for a new series called Gundam AGE. the interesting part is that the whole thing is effectively being helmed by renowned Japanese games developer Level 5. Much in the same way they’ve worked on the upcoming Danball Senki, Gundam AGE will also have all manner of merchandising tie-ins (including games). It’s pretty clear that this new show is being pitched at a younger demographic and the protagonist’s new mecha, the Gundam AGE-1, reminds us a fair bit of the GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam from Gunpla Builders.


Comments (13)

Okay then?

I mean we can’t judge it before it comes out, but do I really want Medabots in my Gundam?

I thought Gundam was a sophisticated space opera/sci-fi epic about love, hate and space colonies?

Where have you been for the last 15 years….

I try my best to ignore those 15 years.

15? Been longer than that hasn’t it? Atleast its a new take on gundam. I have to admit this was the last thing I was expecting from a Gundam series.

Well, at least the Gundam looks interesting.

I hope this will be only a short anime. Like a parody.
I really wanted it to be another port from a manga/novel of the universal century T_T

lol,that would require Bandai to make an effort and we know they stopped trying to do that.

Comment of the week 😀

Not that it’ll ever happen, but I’d be 100% behind Gundam Sentinel getting made into an OVA ala Unicorn.

Just sayin’.

What sane person would object to that?Its the only way we’ll get an MG Gundam Mk V.

I don’t want to make any snap judgements or anything but…that looks like shit.

I was about to say the same thing, surely this has to be a short 12-22 episode series, not 50, please say not 50.

Thank god for Unicorn indeed.

This looks pretty bad tbh.

*sigh* Enough of children pilots, I want 50 years old badass veterans like Ramba Ral! AAahh!

But i want to add, Unicorn and MS igloo2 were pretty good, and Unicorn selled well in Japan, so there’s still hope^^

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