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News: Hi-Nu Gundam confirmed for Gundam Extreme Versus and Mission DLC Update

Posted on : 02-11-2011 | By : | In : News



In the latest pages of Famitsu, the wondrous Hi-Nu Gundam has been finally previewed for Gundam Extreme Versus. This is also the version as “seen” in Beltorchika’s Children and not the more recent Gunpla Builders edition. Following on from that, Bandai Namco have been to keen to highlight the fact that mission DLC will be available free on PSN shortly after the game’s launch. This is an interesting and pretty refreshing move, though its likely that the inevitable mobile suit DLC will be charged.

Update: 4Gamer has a piece showing of the Hi-Nu Gundam in all its very shiny glory.


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Approved. Though to be fair why would they have given us the Gunpla Builders Hi-Nu when none of the Gunpla Builder suits are in game…yet.

I still don’t see why they can’t offer a customization option. Allow you to select loadouts and paint schemes.

Aside from the obviousness that they wouldn’t have reason to make anymore games.

They had weapon customization to a point in the old Fed vs Zeon games (up to GvsZG), but it was simply two units with different weapons and movesets. As for coloring, they did have enemy colorations for units in those games as well, and the Titans Zeta and AEUG Pallas Athene looked pretty sweet IMO.


[…] Mechadamashi conferma la presenza del Hi Nu Gundam nel gioco, l’unita disponibile sarà quella apparsa nel manga […]

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